Frannywanny is BACK!

Dear readers,

I apologize for not being able to update this blog as much the past month. August was an extremely crazy month where I found myself juggling work, family, business, yoga (yes..bagong buhay na!) and back again. However, I'm back and I promise to share with you more of my recent food finds both here in Singapore and back home in Manila.

Speaking of home, I flew back to sunny Manila over the weekend and boy was it a lot of fun! Home will always be home and though my visit was extremely short, I was so happy to spend all my time with the people who means the world the me ... my family and my closest friends.

Within the span of 4 days, I was able to satisfy all my cravings and was also able to try a new restaurant too! Here's to summarize how my weekend went in 16 mouthwatering frames:

Another happy thing that greeted us as we reached home was this box filled with the 1st batch of Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream!!! Weeeehhh! Thank you to all those who placed their orders. Do expect an email from us very very soon! For those who haven't ordered yet, it's not too late however we have very limited bottles left. Hurry and click this link NOW!


Lastly, let me share with you the one thing that really made my day today.

You see, a few weeks ago, I met up with a reader named Cathie as she was here for a visit. Over lunch, we chatted like old friends and she asked me if she can do a profile write-up on me. Wow! In my mind I was like: "Why me?" I repeated the same question after learning that she will also be interviewing Apprentice Asia winner Jonathan Yabut and his 1st runner up Andrea Loh! Two really inspiring individuals alongside..yours truly? *gasp* I'm totally a nobody beside them! :) Still, Cathie insisted and today, her lovely article is up. Yes, it's out there in the world wide web.

Reading it left me speechless. I felt truly honored that she thought of writing about me (aba! that's a lot of airtime ha) and more than that, I am so touched to read her kind words too. This is the 2nd time someone has dedicated an entire blog post for me (read the 1st article by Jeng and Jane here) and I am just so thankful for all the love that you guys have been sending my way. *hugs to all* 

So there you go, I'm back and I'm so excited to share all my newest find with ya'll!

See you all tomorrow! ♥

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