All Aboard! : Genki Sushi in Bugis+

Mommy and Pan came to visit me and Paul a month ago and I tell you, those were the best and most fun days that I've had here in the Lion City. I really love it when family comes to visit. As much as I also love being back home in Manila, it's nice to be able to share bits and pieces of my life here with the people I love the most. Of course, that includes taking them to some of my favorite restaurants, my favorite shopping malls and more. So, first on the agenda was to take them bargain shopping at Bugis.

genki sushi sg 2
As we were shopping at Bugis+, we chanced upon Genki Sushi. This is a casual sushi restaurant with a really cute concept. We've known sushi restaurants to have the traditional conveyor belt where you can just pull out plates after plates of sushi. What makes Genki Sushi unique is that each other is prepared minutes after you place the order. Given that, you're assured of having fresh sushi all the time.

genki sushi sg 1
However, you won't see a lot of servers around. As soon as you place your order from the iPad tablet found on your table, just wait for about 5 minutes and your food will quickly be brought straight to your table side.

How? Via a high-speed bullet train, of course! I've created a very short YouTube video showing how the train safely but very swiftly transported our first batch of sushi orders.

Mommy saw this and was immediately intrigued and excited to experience it herself. That was the reason why despite the long queue, we patiently waited for a table to clear up in order for us to have dinner there. Thankfully though, the bullet train concept wasn't the only thing worth checking Genki Sushi out for. The food quality was pretty okay too. Don't expect Tsukiji Market - type of sushi but for a casual dining concept, this one was pretty passable already.

Here's what we tried that evening:

genki sushi sg 4
Tamago Sushi
genki sushi sg 3

Tekka Maki

genki sushi sg 5
Genki Roll

genki sushi sg 7
Spicy Salmon Gunkan

genki sushi sg 6
Chuka Hotate
This one was really yummy! It has a mild spicy kick but it was really fresh and good. 

genki sushi sg 8

Initially we thought that what we ordered won't be enough for the four of us but after we had the last serving of gyoza, we all felt so full already.

Cute concept and passable food, I'd say go check this out especially when you have little kids in tow. They'll surely love watching their food being delivered on a train. Just keep the iPad away from reach though! :P

Genki Sushi is located at 201 Victoria Street, Bugis+, 01-13. They also have a branch in Chinatown Point and Orchard Central. 

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