Doi Chaang Coffee Singapore in Clementi 321

I love going to coffee shops and cafes! The strong aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the buttery sweet scent of pancakes and just that over-all laid back feel. What makes it even more fun is when you walk into a coffee shop that screams "take a photo of me" in every nook and cranny! In today's social media speak, I'd say... it's totally Instagram-worthy!

doi chaang 2
Recently, I've been going crazy over this new foodie app that allows me to buy credits and to bid for a certain dish for as low as $1! I've been so hooked with it for days that one of the things that I bought was a $2.60 voucher for a glass of Iced Coffee from Doi Chaang Coffee in Clementi. I'll tell you more about this app in my succeeding entries but for now let's focus on the coffee shop, shall we?

doi chaang 3
Doi Chaang Coffee originated in Northern Thailand. To be honest, I initially thought I'd be drinking Iced Vietnamese Coffee as it looks pretty much like it. I've never had Thai coffee before so this was something I was excited to try. We stepped into the small but cozy Doi Chaang store in the newly-opened 321 Clementi Mall. On each table were cute animal figurines and several travel icons too. I first availed of the Iced Doi Chaang Coffee (S$6.50) by showing my S$2.60 voucher! Really, what a great deal! To go with our coffee, we ordered the Raspberry Yogurt Crepe Cake (S$6.50) too.

Okay, I'll start with the coffee -- I have to say that it was pretty strong but I love how the milk, cream (or seems like it's condensed milk) has given the drink just the right amount of sweetness and milky texture. It was good! Paul, who tries to stay away from caffeine past 4pm, first had a sip of the Iced Doi Chaang and before I knew it, he has managed to finished the coffee till the last drop. Even without the voucher, I'd be happy to have this again on my next visit.

doi chaang 4
As for the cake, we both love crepe cake but we normally stick to the tried and tested ones. The Raspberry Yogurt Crepe Cake was really good! Layers of thin crepe which sandwich a generous serving of raspberry jam. I love it! While admittedly, it didn't match our coffee that well but we both love the fruity notes and how light the cake was.

It was a simple night cap at Doi Chaang and I'm glad we discovered this thanks to my favorite foodie app!

Check out Doi Chaang Coffee at 321 Clementi Avenue 3, 01-02 321 Clementi Mall, Singapore. Follow them on Facebook.

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