Celebrating our 5th at Marriott Cafe, Singapore

Gimme FIVE!

To celebrate five years of (okay, I'm saying it now...so Paul, read this --->) marital bliss, we made reservations for a nice dinner date at Marriott Cafe. Trust me, planning for this day took two-weeks worth of research, several shortlists created and a couple of discussions here and there. We seriously went from "what if we go for steak dinner at _____" to "let's try French or Italian instead" and so on. Since we both wanted so many things and we found it really difficult to make one final choice, we agreed to try the famous Marriott Cafe Dinner Buffet which specializes in seafood, steak and a wide-variety of cuisines too. Of course, hubby immediately agreed as he also got a 1-for-1 deal at Marriott Cafe from his Entertainer App too! I married a smart guy, huh?

We got to Marriott Hotel just right on time for our 8pm reservation and were quickly ushered to our table. First things first, I did a quick scan of the buffet line. Would you like to join me?

marriott cafe sg 4
As you enter the buffet area, you'll be greeted by hills and hills of chilled seafood! It's amazing. This is probably every seafood-lover's daydream and Paul happily helped himself to a plate of his favorite chilled prawns with tomato cocktail sauce. Mind you, it's rare that he could find this in hotel buffets here in Singapore and I'm happy to share that Marriott Cafe has perfectly nailed the flavor of their cocktail sauce in accordance to my hubby's very discriminating taste. Hats off to you!

marriott cafe sg 13
Moving on, there's they have the Chinese section which starts with the noodles corner where you can have your favorite noodle soup. What you should watch out for is the Chili Crab! One of Singapore's iconic dishes, this is every visitors must-eat and even locals and residents do love to get-together for a delicious crab feasting every so often.

marriott cafe sg 6
I've also spotted the Cheese corner but to be honest, I wasn't very interested in trying the cheese selection that day. I'm not a fan of hard cheese and the only soft-looking cheese on display looked a bit...blah. Skipping this!

marriott cafe sg 7
It's always a good idea to start your meal with salad! Yeah! At least this helps lessen the guilt even for a teeny tiny bit. I love how they have a good selection of greens, meat toppings, nuts, fruits and dressings! The best part is they have provided a huge wooden bowl which allowed me to mix my own salad without making a huge mess on my plate. Alright!

marriott cafe sg 11
Look at my 1st course -- Salad mix ala Franny -- I went for mesclun greens, spinach and arugula topped with smoked salmon, capers, olives, alfalfa sprouts, croutons, bacon and cheese! The dressing was a mix of balsamic vinegar, pesto and a bit of caesar dressing. Yum! It wasn't the healthiest salad in town but it was a pretty good one, I must say. :)

marriott cafe sg 5
Moving on, I checked out the cold cuts and antipasto section which I know should come even before the salad. Oh well. It looked really good! These would go well with more capers and olives. I got more smoked salmon from this section too.

marriott cafe sg 12
For me, no buffet meal is complete without having some sushi! I love sushi and dimsum soooo much that I swear, I think I can eat them every single day. The selection at Marriott Cafe was just a-okay. I was actually expecting more creativity but well at least the salmon sashimi was very fresh and that's the most important thing.

marriott cafe sg 2
At this point, I've had three small plates and I'm feeling very full already. Oh no! I.must.go.on.!.!.!. Okay, no more carbs from this point on at that can easily fill you up. So, good bye pasta but for those who loves pasta, please don't miss creating your own pasta at this station. I spotted a lot of patrons having the classic spaghetti bolognese which looked so good. I'll have this next time.

marriott cafe sg 8
They also have Roast Beef, Crunchy Pork and a lot of Italian, Spanish, Indian and French dishes. I loved how enter the roast beef was and I was told by the chef to drizzle this with rosemary gravy on top. Ohhh heaven!

The buffet also comes with a cup of coffee or tea after your meal. So while enjoying our dessert, I asked for a cup of green tea. There's a lot of baked pastries, bread puddings, fruits and even a special section with all durian-flavored desserts. I got to try a bit of the durian pudding as well as the fresh fruits which we both love!

marriott cafe sg 9
A lot loved the mini chocolate cupcake as this photo was taken at the start of dinner and by the time I went back to get one for dessert, it was all gone! :o

marriott cafe sg 3
With a sad heart (and tummy), I walked back to our table only to be surprised by Marriott Cafe with a cake to celebrate our 5th anniversary! Wow what a surprise! So, I wasn't able to get that mini chocolate cupcake but Paul and I got a nice slice of chocolate cake instead.

It was a very relaxing and gastronomically satisfying dinner. We agreed to walk around Orchard Road after dinner to help ease our digestion but needless to say, it was definitely one of the best hotel buffets we've had so far. The selection were not as wide but I'd say that each dish was well-thought out and everything was just good, good and really good!

Oh! Not to mention that we got a 1-for-1 deal from the Entertainer app which means we only had to pay for one person and the other one dined for free.

Buffet Rates: taken from Marriott Cafe's website 
Breakfast Buffet
Monday to Sunday:
Adult $42.00++
Child $19.00++ (Age: 5 to 12 years old)

Lunch Buffet
Monday to Saturday / Sunday:
Adult $58.00++ / $63.00++
Child $34.00++ / $39.00++ (Age: 5 to 12 years old)

High Tea Buffet
Monday to Friday / Saturday & Sunday:
Adult $39.00++ / $42.00++
Child $22.00++ / $28.00++ (Age: 5 to 12 years old)

Dinner Buffet
Sunday to Thursday / Friday & Saturday:
Adult $70.00++ / $80.00++
Child $38.00++ / $40.00++ (Age: 5 to 12 years old)

Marriott Cafe is located at 320 Orchard Road, Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, Singapore 238865. Call to reserve at 6735-5800.

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