The Bunny Baker Cafe and Cake Studio in Hemady Square

On the last day of my ninja-mode visit to Manila, I was able to find a bit of free time in between running last-minute errands. The first person I thought of calling was obviously my best friend L. Of course, I started by apologizing for the very sudden invite but L quickly told me to stop being silly for apologizing and we agreed to meet up for some catching up over afternoon tea.

bunny baker 2
It's funny how a lot of things have changed over the past two years that I somehow feel like a tourist in my very own country. Gone are the days when I can quickly rattle off all the latest or must-tries food places all over Metro Manila. Today, I would rely on my family or my friends to recommends places for us to try. I'm glad though that they all have very good taste in food so that means we get to have endless yummy meals whenever we're back home. L and I agreed to meet at The Bunny Baker. I saw this days before our meet-up when Mommy and I were on our way to Quezon City. The pink cutesy logo totally called out to me and after reading a couple of blog entries, I was so excited to try it out myself.

I got to the cafe a few minutes before L did and I was able to choose our table. The chairs were painted in pink and had bunny ears as the back support. In fact, the interiors of the restaurant was just too cute not to post on Instagram. However, we were there for the food right? As soon as L arrived, we started to check the menu to place our order. Since we weren't feeling very hungry, we just got a drink each and a snack to share.

I was nursing a scratchy, itchy throat that day so I stayed away from iced cold drinks. Instead, I tried the Matcha Latte (Php. 175) as I love tea lattes in general. The first thing I noticed was the cute bunny foam art on top. I just had to take a photo and send it to my colleague and friend R who adores cute bunnies! As for the drink, this one had a strong green tea flavor. Too strong in fact that it was leaning towards the bitter-tasting side. It was just okay but I have to be honest in saying that I've tried way better ones elsewhere.

bunny baker 1
For our snack, we shared the Spam Fries (Php. 235). I've been so intrigued by this as it seems to be a popular offering all over Metro Manila so L was so sweet to allow me to satisfy my curiosity. Well, what can I say about it? Aside from being a bit too oily, it was simply spam cut into fries and fried. Sadly it wasn't even fried till crispy nor was there any other flavoring added into it. It was pretty much what it was supposed to be. Needless to say, I was disappointed more so with the expensive price tag that came with it. *sigh*

So there you go. Admittedly, the food and drink were quite disappointing but what mattered really was the fact that I got to catch up with my best friend and we surely had a good time. Will I go back? Yes, maybe. After all, almost everything in life deserves a second chance. ;)

zalora hoodie
To buy or not to buy -- that is the BIG question ;)
p.s. In other news, summer is totally gone *sniffle* and sweater season is officially here! While I take this season as perfect excuse to update my wardrobe, just want to remind you all to always stay safe and dry all the time! ♥

The Bunny Baker is located at Unit 301, Hemady Square, Dona Hemady corner E. Rodriguez Sr. in Quezon City. Call them at 650-4153.

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