From Paris with Love: Angelina Singapore in Capitol Galleria

I've always wanted to go to Paris. In my mind, I've envisioned it to be very laid back yet stylish. Where beautiful people would hang out at the outdoor cafes dressed in the latest fashion styles and they would leisurely enjoy their cup of coffee and some pastry.

angelina sg 5
Of course, there's Angelina. One of two food places that has been on my list for years. I've heard about Angelina's famous Hot Chocolate and had a taste of a replica years back. The replica was pretty good so I had extremely high expectations for the real thing. Visiting Paris might come in the next few years but luckily, Angelina came to me earlier than expected.

Angelina opened its first Southeast Asian store here in Singapore just a month ago at very posh Capitol Galleria (beside Capitol Piazza). Its opening has been much awaited by all local food-lovers including yours truly and my hubby Paul. So, last Sunday, we met up with our friend D for Afternoon Tea. D got to the restaurant earlier than our agreed meeting time so he was able to queue up right away. By the time we got there, we just had to wait for a few minutes as they cleaned and prepared our table.

angelina sg 3
Initially, I thought that Angelina will be offering all desserts and drinks only. It's interesting to see that they actually have a pretty impressive brunch and hot meals line up. Too bad Paul and I was still full from our heavy lunch prior to our meet-up so we only had space for dessert and of course, the Old-Fashioned Hot Chocolate "L'Africain" (S$12) which we agreed to share. At first, our server was hesitate to make us share the Hot Chocolate but since we told him that we intend to order a lot more, he finally said yes. One order comes in a small pot and whipped cream at the side. The chocolate was very rich, thick and creamy. I loved it from the moment I had my first sip. No wonder it wasn't really intended for sharing. It was so yummy, you'd want it all for yourself.

angelina sg 1
It was good thinking though that we shared as I didn't want to have chocolate overload as we paired our Hot Chocolate with our 3 dessert choices. First was the Opera (S$13) which was a delicious and decadent almond chocolate biscuit soaked in coffee, crunchy praline biscuit and chocolate mousse. Isn't it a beauty? Each layers gives you varying texture which makes each bite so interesting. Yum!

angelina sg 6
Next was the Le Mont-Blanc (S$13.50). Said to be Angelina's signature cake since 1903! Wow! This cake has been around for 112 years. It's a beautiful creation made with chestnut cream vermicelli (noodle shaped) filled with light whipped cream and meringue. Since I can't take whipped cream, I only had a teeny tiny spoonful of this and let the two boys enjoyed it till the last scoop. I'm also not a fan of strong chestnut flavors so this one was just a-okay for me.

angelina sg 2
To break the strong chocolate and nutty flavors, we got the Tarte au Citron (S$10) which was my favorite among the three. I instantly fell in love with the light citrusy lemon cream which was topped with vanilla marshmallow and all encased in a nice, perfectly baked pastry crust. This was really the best!

We're so happy that we're finally able to try Angelina and we will surely be back for more. Now, if you'll excuse me, I got a Paris trip to plan. ;)

Angelina Singapore is located at Capitol Galleria, 01-82, 15 Stamford Road, Singapore 178906. Call them at 6384-0481.


  1. Imagine mo Fran we fell in line to get this hot choco pa!! :) I think we had it thrice! haha.. It's quite pricey but the consistency was really good! We had ours to go, we walked for 15mins or so and the hot choco was still hot! Tinitipid ko yung sipsip ko kasi ang sarap super!! it was thick and rich and goooood!! When we got to our apartment I was half expecting the chocolate to have settled at the bottom of the cup. But when I transferred it to another cup - WALANG TRACE OF ANY SETTLING! Purong puro ang chocolate!! OMG..

    Glad to know there's one in SG na..:)

    Love, Didi

    1. Didi! I totally agree with you. It was indeed the best Hot Chocolate I've ever had :) It came with an expensive price tag but it was super worth every penny. <3

  2. Ako Hindi ko like ung Mont Blanc. I asked didi din nga e. Parang everyone likes it kasi but me and I felt I was weird.

    1. I agree with you! That was my least favourite dessert :) I love the Tarte au Citron

    2. Parang I found it heavy ba, na overwhelm ako sa hazelnut cream tapus sa loob cream na naman. Meron dyan sa Duxton..Flor Pâtisserie. super okay daw Mont Blanc Nya. Na try mo na? I never got to try e

    3. i agree! also i cant take cream so i just had a teeny tiny spoon then I left it to the boys haha


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