Wimi Ice Cream : Thai Coconut Ice Cream in Singapore

I'm sensing a  new food trend coming to Singapore. Actually, maybe it has already arrived and it's happening right this very moment. Being a tropical country, cooling down with a cup of (you name it) gelato, yogurt or ice cream just makes perfect sense. It's the kind of food item that you can have anytime of the day. In fact, I wouldn't just classify it as a dessert as you can have your cold treat as an afternoon snack or as a nice evening night cap before heading to bed.

wimi 2
Last Friday, Paul and I met up for a nice impromptu dinner date as we've been so busy with work these past few weeks so instead of normally heading home, cooking dinner and doing our chores, we decided to just eat out and relax. After our meal in Clementi, we walked towards the newly opened 321 Clementi Mall which, I promise you, is hard to miss. It's a tall building and you can easily spot it especially when you're taking the MRT coming from the east.

wimi 3
Our initial plan was to go get coffee and cake but we were sidetracked as we spotted this small take-away store called Wimi and they're selling...Thai Coconut Ice Cream! Yes, we've both been to Bangkok but it's funny that the first time we had something like this was in Kuala Lumpur. We've been so obsessed with Coconut Ice Cream that we are trying to spot every single brand available here in Singapore and so far, this is the 2nd we've had. What makes Wimi interesting is that they also offer Soft-Serve Coconut Ice Cream. Too bad though as the machine wasn't working yet during our time of visit so we'll probably have to go back for that some other time.

Since I was pretty much deadset on getting that slice of crepe cake and coffee, we agreed to share one order of the Traditional Thai Coconut Ice Cream (S$4.90) which comes with two scoops of ice cream, 3 regular toppings and a cup of fresh coconut juice. WOW!

If you remember our review on Co+Nut+Ink, they only had a limited selection of toppings and it's priced higher too. With Wimi, you can choose from 12 different toppings such as peanut, aloe vera, atap seed, grass jelly, chendol, corn, taro yam, red ruby and more. We felt that the 3 regular toppings were enough so we went with chendol, peanut and corn. I love that they arranged the toppings very neatly as you all know that I have this bad intolerance towards corn so it was easy for Paul to just scoop up all the corn to make sure that not a single corn kernel ends up on my spoon.

wimi 1

You can also choose from two types of coconut ice cream -- Original or Strong. We got a scoop of each and both agreed that the strong one was yummier. We both love our coconut ice cream tasting really coconut-y and less milky. It was really good and the sweetness level was just right. I like how they also gave us a cup of fresh coconut juice as this perfectly cleanse my palate before indulging into the ice cream. Good thing though as I just had a very spicy plate of Chicken Briyani for dinner and I wouldn't want any of the strong spice flavor mask the taste of the ice cream.

Since the store was very small, we had to make do with the grassy area outside since there were no tables or chairs nearby. Luckily, it was a breezy evening but I can just imagine how warm it can be during the day. Wish they'd consider putting up some outdoor seating and perhaps a big trash bin too.

We've only had two Thai coconut ice cream in Singapore so far and have yet to try 2 more on the list. So far though, Wimi is our current favorite as we're already planning a return visit next weekend.

Check out Wimi Ice Cream at 321 Clementi Avenue 3, 01-13, Singapore 129905. Closest MRT station: Clementi. Walk towards Clementi Mall, go out towards the hawker area and keep on walking for about 5-10 minutes. The mall is very near Courts and Fairprice 24h.

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