angels still DO exist out here

Today started out just like an ordinary day. I woke up with a bit more energy knowing that it's friday and the weekend is just a couple of hours away. I prepared for work and thank God that I didn't have to take the cab because my sister made that sacrifice to do so just to let me get more sleep and have my parents drive me to work instead. At the office, I was the first to arrive giving me time to check my mails and to sort out some papers before the phone begins to ring like crazy. Everything was pretty normal, I had oatmeal for breakfast and salad for lunch. Finally, I'm starting my no-rice diet. Ü

Who would have thought that one simple conversation can change my day from being great to the best?

It happened so fast but it's one thing that I'll never forget ever! Apparently, a dear friend and fellow blogger, was paying close attention to my wish list (located at the side bar of this blog) and look what she gave me:

It was definitely a very pleasant surprise but it made me realize that there are still a lot of nice people in this world Ü I really appreciate the sweet gesture and I love love love my new tripod!! THANK YOU PHOEBE!!!

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