In throwing a birthday Pizza party

My birthday is coming up and it has been a tradition eversince that I would start celebrating it a week in advance and this will go on up until a after week my actual birth date. The same practice was done again this year but it was made extra special because I was successfully able to combine good food to be shared a wonderful group of friends.

Pizza with the Boys (and the Girls)

It's no secret that I love Paul very very very much and I'm thankful that he has a great set of friends who eventually became my friends as well. Ü To kick off my 2008 birthday celebration, I treated the group to a simple pizza party complete with a couple of beer and loads of laughter.

Of course, as a foodie, I shall not settle for just any type of pizza other than one that is unique and delicious. Thus, prompted my search for the best pizza in town. Browsing through the pages of fellow bloggers, I was able to get quite a lot of suggestions from the ever famous Brooklyn Pizza to the classy gourmet pizza of Caffe Caruso and Cibo. Still, I know I'm still on a look out for something else.

It was just perfect timing that Paul's bestfriend Lex, showed me a link that directed me to a multiply site of an up-and-coming pizza company: Sandy's Pizza, it read. Browsing through the site, I learned that they are just located nearby and they already had TV guestings as well. Wow! This just might be it!

More on Sandy and her Pizza
I set the date and Lex was super kind enough to lend me his place for the pizza party. The invite was sent out and my pizza party is finally happening! I was so excited that I called Sandy to place my order 5 days in advance. Sandy is a very nice lady who patiently answered all my inquiries. She even helped me choose which flavors to get as I wanted to try them ALL! Finally, we settled for an 18" pie with four flavors and a 14" with two more flavors. That's what I'd call getting 6 flavors with one call! haha

Finally, my pizza party day has arrived and at exactly 815PM my order was delivered. Opening the first box to inspect, I was greeted with a mouth-watering garlicky scent that made my stomach rumble. It sure looks good! My only comment was that the pizza was dizzled with a bit too much oil that eventually made it soggy.

We immediately served the pizza and there were a lot of moments of silence as everyone seems to be enjoying their own slice of pizza! Hooray!

Here's what we got:

18" pizza (P545)
Combination of White cheese, Italian Sausage & Mushroom, Garlic Chorizo and Tuyo in Olive Oil

14" pizza (P390)
Combination of Pizza Margherita and Meatzarella

The white cheese is a blend of Mozzarella, Parmesan and Kesong Puti, this has always been my favorite and I like it that Sandy didn't scrimp on the amount of cheese used for my pizza. As for the Filipino special flavors, the tuyo in olive oil sadly has a very weak tuyo (salty dried fish) flavor which was a bit of a disappointment since there were a lot of tuyo fans in the group. The garlic chorizo, on the other hand, was pretty good that everyone who got a slice of this were left satisfied.

Meat lovers should rejoice because it will definitely be a meat loaded pizza with Meatzarella and Italian Sausage and Mushrooms. The Meatzarella has beef, pepperonie, chunks of bacon and italian sausage perfect for a pizza night with the boys. The Italian Sausage and Mushroom has a more sophisticated taste. I love biting into the chunks of italian sausage while the mushroom perfectly tones down the strong flavor of the meat.

Lastly, my second favorite -- the Pizza Margherita. This was personally recommended by Sandy who told me that her version has a pesto tomato base and is topped with mozzarella and fresh basil. Since I love herbs most especially basil, I couldn't say no to her offer. I'm glad I got this because it sure was a winner! The pesto flavor was just right that it wouldn't leave you with a terrible herb-y bad breath after enjoying your pizza while the basil enhances the flavor with a sweet note.

I enjoyed the great service of Sandy who personally took my order, openly shared with me her recommendations on which flavors to get and even offered to deliver my pizza at no extra cost when I was initially planning to pick this up from her place.

I'm happy that she's opening a branch along J. Abad Santos, San Juan which is just a stone throw away from my humble abode. Looks like I'll be having more of Sandy's pizza soon!

You may contact Sandy's Pizza at 7218334/7218929 or watch out for the grand opening of her first ever store at J. Abad Santos, San Juan (right in front of the old Aviary).

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