[Three SPOTs on the Dot] #1: Texas Roadhouse Grill

Through food blogging, I learned the importance of the saying "to see taste is to believe." This is because when Texas Roadhouse Grill first opened in Manila, a friend wrote about his horrifying experience and how bad the food was. Thus causing me to lose interest in trying it out as I figured that it will just be a waste of money and time. This was until another friend invited me out for dinner and suggested the same restaurant. It has been a year and a couple of more positive comments after that I've decided to just be more adventurous and to try it out myself.

It was a great night catching up with my dear friend over a huge skillet of nachos called the Loaded Texas Chips (P200), a platter of Shrimp and Salmon Skewers (P390), which is one of their house specialties, another platter of the Crispy Chicken Tenders with Honey Mustard sauce! (P240) and finally a refreshing glass of Watermelon Fruit Mist (P95). The serving is HUGE that is good for sharing. Yet, contrary to the negative comments, the food was really good that ordering just one dish is not enough. In fact, I really enjoyed the food, service and the over-all experience during my first visit at TRG that I went back exactly one week after with another group of friends.

Just imagine my delight when I found out that Texas Roadhouse Grill in Bonifacio Highstreet is part of the itinerary for the Blogger's Tour. The always-happy servers welcomed us as we entered the cozy rodeo-like restaurant. Booths are available for groups of 4 while a family of 20 might have to reserve the enclosed area specifically made for birthday parties and private functions.

We were served with samples of their best-selling dishes namely the Geronimo's Seafood Pasta Marinara, the Open Range Beef Tips and lastly my personal favorite, the Shrimp and Salmon Skewer.

The Seafood Pasta Marinara is made of fettuccine noodles mixed with squid rings, juicy shrimps and fresh mussels tossed with spicy Marinara sauce. I honestly find it a bit bland for my taste, it somehow lacks the tanginess that I normally get from a tomato based pasta dish. Perhaps it would have been better if they added more herbs and another can of stewed tomatoes into the sauce.

The Open Range Beef Tips however was pretty good. Soft and tender that I didn't have to use a knife to slice it up. It obviously was well marinated and perfectly grilled to be able to achieve the right consistency.

My ultimate favorite, and I think the crowd will agree, is the Shrimp and Salmon Skewer. Not minding the price, this is one thing that will make me look forward to more Texas Roadhouse Grill visits.

This dish has three skewers of shrimps and salmon grilled and seasoned with herbs and spices. This is served on a bed of Texas rice and fresh yummy veggies on the side. Do you know the feeling of biting into a piece of shrimp and it gives that heavenly, crunchy, fresh out of the water, taste? That's the experience that I always get while having this dish. I love it that TRG is able to ensure that the salmon and shrimps served are nothing but of the best quality all the time.

Forget your diet for just a couple of hours because at Texas Roadhouse Grill, you are expected to dine like a real cowboy! Yeeehaaaa!! Ü

Texas Roadhouse Grill is located at Bldg 1, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. You may contact them at 8561547 to 48. Another branch is located at El Pueblo Real de Manila in Ortigas Center.

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