Spot Pass: the Bonifacio Highstreet and Serendra edition

This is a delayed blog entry as I took a short break after finishing off the Trinoma Spot Pass edition. During this time, I was able to re-organize my thoughts, digest some more and prepare my fingers and mind to share with you another set of interesting stories, this time from the 2nd and last leg of's Blogger's Meet at Bonifacio HighStreet and Serendra in Makati.

What felt like a major challenge when we were given the chance to visit 18 restaurants during the first run, turns out to look just like an appetizer as we had to visit *make a wildddd guess!* 24 food and non-food establishments all around the newest hang-out place in that part of town.

With only four hours to complete the tour, we began at Krispy Kreme and slowly made our way around Bonifacio Highstreet before proceeding to Serendra. How I wish though we had more time because I literally find myself rushing through the last few stores just to get my card signed. Unfortunately, compromising the experience that I was supposed to have if only there was more time. Perhaps the organizer can consider making it a half day event the next time?

I'm really amazed at how well Ayala develops their commercial land. For instance, who would have thought that right at the middle of Bonifacio Global City, will emerge a chic retail strip aptly called the Bonifacio Highstreet. BHS houses a number of flagship stores, unique retail boutiques, office spaces and entertainment facilities. I love the importance that they give to the environment, where a large area is alloted for trees and plants to grow. It is also a perfect place to bring the kids as they can freely run around and sharpen their inquisitive mind while playing at the giant playground.

Just a couple of steps away from BHS, Serendra is Ayala's newest residential/commercial project. It's structure actually reminds me of the apartments in Singapore where the buildings are of the same shade and there's always a small commercial space at the ground floor. Well, Ayala will never settle for something small thus Serendra's food and retail promenade was born. I always enjoy going to Serendra because of the one-of-a-kind restaurants present there. There's Polu Kai, Cuilliere, Chelsea, Chocolate de Batirol, Fu, Cupcakes by Sonja, Mamou, Mezza Luna, Miss Desserts, Xocolat, Portico and a lot more!

Three Spots on the Dot
It was an exciting afternoon visiting all 24 establishments. As my way of saying THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart (and tummy) to the organizers and people behind this successful event, I'd like to be share with you my experiences and thoughts on my TOP 3 SPOTS in BHS and Serendra in the following days. Ü

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