For my sweet mommy on Mother's Day

Our family is truly a marketer's dream.

They say, holidays like Mother's Day and Father's Day were introduced by a smart businessman as his marketing plan to generate more sales for his store. This later turned into a nationwide celebration where Filipino children would buy a gift or treat the family out for lunch or dinner.

A marketing trap?

Not really. For a nation who practices close family ties and giving high respect to the elders, Mother's Day is a special day for moms to relax and experience the joys of motherhood. For us, children, it is a special day for us to thank our moms for all the sacrifices that she has made for us starting from the nine months of carrying us in her womb up to the everyday sacrifices that she has made to give us the best lives possible.

Racking our brains for a good THANK YOU gift

Mother's Day, in our family, is just as important as our birthdays. We plan this ahead of time to make sure that mommy will enjoy the entire day. This year, after ruling out quite a number of options (it was more of a been there, bought that, done that thing), my sister and I have decided to just keep it simple and sweet.

What better way to make our dear mommy happy but with a box of handmade Belgian Chocolates by Benoit Nicolay? Thanks to my colleague Zarah, who introduced us to this yummy indulgence last Valentine's Day, this is our mother's day gift for mommy.

My mom is a big fan of chocolates but mind you, she only craves for Belgian Chocolates. Once in a while, after a stressful day at the office, she would treat herself to a piece of dark chocolate. Biting in the bitter-sweet candy, she'll slowly wait for it to melt in her mouth savoring the richness of the dark cocoa before taking another small bite.

I can still remember the smile on Mommy's face when I handed her the elegant-looking black box of chocolates last night. She opened it carefully and saw nine assorted chocolates placed in their own mini compartments. The box looks like a small jewelry box which is just fitting for the precious sweet goodies kept inside. Very good packaging, if I must say so myself.

He has a wide array of chocolates to choose from. There's definitely something for everyone! Be is dark, milk or white. Benoit also has truffles, pralines, bars and belgian waffle trio! My ultimate favorite are his milk and white pralines which I got for only P350/box of 9.

Ordering was not a hassle too! Together with my two other colleagues, we sent an email one day in advance and our boxes of chocolates were delivered in less than 24 hours after. My only complain was the lack knowledge of the delivery girl. While receiving and checking our boxes at the lobby, two more colleagues passed by and showed great interest in ordering chocolates for Mother's Day. Sadly, the delivery girl failed avoided answering their inquiries and instead, allowed us to do the advertising for her. This is most probably because a) she can't speak and/or understand english or b) she does not have an idea about the prices and the ordering details at all.

Therefore, to save you from having the same lost-in-translation experience that our two colleagues had, I am sharing with you the contact details of Benoit Nicolay for you to enjoy his delicious chocolates as well.

You may visit the official site of Chocolates by Benoit at or contact them through email at or call them through the following numbers: +63-822-6995 and +63917-327-1877. .

frannywanny, mommy and pan

Happy Mother's Day!

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