[Three SPOTs on the Dot] #3: Mamou

Food will always be a subjective topic for as long as its taste quality is concerned. Each one of us has a different palate and preference that while a certain dish may be too salty or sweet for my taste, it may come out to be superbly delicious for others.

I'll always be thankful for being able to have the privilege to visit new and unique food spots and to try their specialty dishes as well. However, the joys of eating also poses a bigger challenge for me, which is to thoroughly understand the story behind the restaurant, the chef and of the dish being served as well. I realized that fully appreciating food per se is not as easy as opening your mouth wide enough and chewing it well. It goes as far as slowly savoring the flavor, identifying what makes it very distinct and perhaps creating a vision on how I would like to remember it by.

Quite similar to the Disney movie Ratatouille, I get excited whenever I encounter a dish that immediately strikes a memory from the past. It may be as simple as a bowl of native chicken soup that my mom would always make when we're down with flu or a plate of tuna and mushroom pasta on olive oil, which was one of the first dishes that I was taught to make from cooking class.

During the Spot Tour, we visited a fairly new restaurant in Serendra called Mamou. Mind you, this restaurant is quickly getting popular with the Makati/Taguig dining crowd that they actually have this strict policy of two seatings reservation. The first one happens at 6PM where early dinner patrons are expected to be at the restaurant on time to be able to make way for the 2nd dining crowd coming in two hours later. The food must be really good for customers to oblige and follow the strict time reservation policy.

Luckily, I had the chance to dine at Mamou prior to the blogger's meet and believe me, I had my very own Ratatouille moment when I tried their Steak (P1,680/P2,800) served with your choice of:creamed spinach, corn pudding, baked mashed potatoes or steak rice. This dish reminds me of Dad who loves his Steak medium rare when we would occasionally dine at this popular steak house back then.

Imagine my delight as I happily but very briskly walked towards Mamou to meet no less than Malou Fores herself as she welcomed us in and introduced us to a couple of their specials like the Melba Chips with Wild Boar Terrine, Grain Mustard and Wild Blueberry Preserves, the very healthy and yummy Healdsburg's Harvest Salad (Mixed greens with dried cranberries, glazed pecans, cranberry stilton cheese and drizzled with berry vinaigrette), Roast Pork Chicken (P345/P595) which they can customized for you should you prefer all pork or all chicken, their infamous Steak and lastly my newest favorite, the Dark Chocolate Sans Rival (P180).

More on the dessert...

Being a white chocolate lover, I was a bit hesitant to try the Dark Chocolate Sans Rival thinking that my satisfied taste buds would just be ruined by the bitterness normally found in dark chocolates. However, with some prodding and convincing from my companions, I gave in and took a teeny tiny slice. Chewing it slowly, I can hardly taste the bitterness but instead enjoyed the interplay of the buttery sweetness matched with the meringue filling which complimented the dark chocolate mixture. It has a smooth finish that makes it perfect as an after dinner treat to be shared by two. Before I knew it, I was on my way back to the buffet table to get another small slice before moving on to the next stop.

Mamou will always be one of my favorite spots in Serendra. It's a perfect place to dine and catch up with good friends. Just make sure to make a reservation and to get the 2nd seating if you're planning to stay longer.

Visit Mamou at the G/F of Serendra, Fort Bonifacio Heights, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig but call them first at 8563569 or email mamou@info.com.ph

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