[My Top Five SPOTs in Trinoma] #5: Five Cows

I'm sure by now you're already wondering how on earth were we able to consume all those samplers served in just one afternoon. To be honest, I still can't imagine it myself either. With so little time given (yes, 5 hours is NOT enough to fully appreciate the restaurant and its specialties...) we found ourselves rushing through the remaining stops and sadly, failing to enjoy what the other restaurants have to offer. :(

Thankfully, just when I was about to give up and is just in need of something sweet to end our food trip, we ended up at Five Cows. From the reaction of my fellow bloggers, it seems like they were also ready for dessert as well. Chatting with the friendly supervisor, we found out that Five Cows offers more than just desserts. "We're not just an ice cream parlor," he explains. In fact they have a long list of hot meals that is quickly gaining popularity.

The reason behind this is because the owners want to expand the traditional way of how Filipinos would view an ice cream parlor. They make sure that their hot meals are just as delicious as their ice cream to encourage customers to have dinner there and then to get an ice cream sundae after.

During this short visit though, what caught my eye was the Marble Slab Concoctions. I just love choosing my own fillings and mixin's for my ice cream! I felt like a little girl in front of the glass window watching the ice cream chef prepare our Bubble Gum Blast (P110).

This is a combination of bubble gum and strawberry ice cream filled with mini marshmallows and rainbow sprinkles! yum! It actually tastes like another childhood favorite -- the bazooka gum.

It gave a sweet, pleasant taste that is just perfect after stuffing ourselves with all those samplers. Surely, I am definitely going back and perhaps I'll try another Marble Slab Concoction perhaps with nuts and cereals this time. Ü

Five Cows is located at the 4th level of the Trinoma Mall.

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