and the WINNERS are....

Finally the long wait is OVER!

After going through a total of 202 entries created by 113 (yes I counted them all!) awesome readers, we are now ready to spread some cheer to THREE lucky readers this Christmas!!!

It was a daunting task as Paul and I slowly went through each and every entry. Some made us laugh, some touched our hearts, and most made us realize the true meaning of Christmas.

We enjoyed all the photos, the blog entries, the stories, the comic strips and the trivia that you all have shared with us and with that we would like to say...


Of course, we had to stay organize to be able to choose the right winners. While going through the entries, we looked for the ones that has shown the following:

- Creativity

- Frequency (as the saying goes: the more the merrier!)

- Originality (copy cats are not allowed, and I'm proud to say, there was NONE here!)

- Ability to spread the Christmas joy (how you have made us laugh, cry or simple leave that warm fuzzy feeling that we all look for this holiday season)

Without further ado, here are the winners of Starbucks Christmas contest.

The first winner will bring home a 2010 Starbucks Planner and this goes to ....


The girl who has stayed up all 27 nights to be the first to comment here. She gave us 10 wonderful reasons why she deserves to win the 2010 planner and we definitely agree with her! Thank you Maan for sharing your life, your stories and your future (2010) plans with us!

The second winner will be able to complete her Starbucks card as she will be receiving a P400 Starbucks Gift Certificate and this lucky reader is...


We enjoyed reading all of your trivia and we hope that this gift certificates will brighten up your day! Looking forward to the arrival of your little ones! :) Just remember, no more than 300mg of coffee a day ah ;)

Last but not the least, the girl who will receive a cute Starbucks demitasse mug where she can enjoy her espresso shots whenever she needs that extra dose of caffeine to perk up her day. This goes to...


Paul was truly amazed by your growing collection and hope this makes a wonderful addition. We enjoyed reading your stories and we truly feel your enthusiasm being a true blue Starbucks fan! Thanks Ria! *hugs*

This has been the most exciting blog contest that I've ever hosted so far and I would like to thank everyone for your continuous support. To the winners, kindly expect an email from me within the day.

Here's to more promos in the future!

Happy Hohoholiday!!!

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