Cooking and Grilling at Tong Yang

Twas the night after Christmas and despite our hectic schedules, my friends and I all agreed to meet up to have a better-late-than-never dinner to celebrate the holidays. I guess this is what makes real friendship works, nothing will stop us from seeing each other no matter how far, how late or how short the meet-up would be.

Following last year's fun and successful Christmas dinner, we agreed to have it at Tong Yang but this time in their Jupiter branch. We were all so excited to spend an evening cooking, eating, talking, laughing and just having a great time.

Since we were a big group, we were given a private room. Their servers were very attentive that it wasn't difficult at all to ask for assistance. With our stomachs growling loudly, everyone headed to the buffet table the moment we arrived.

Paul and I began with the appetizer section where we filled our plates with yummy sushi, siomai and kimchi! It was truly a mix of all things we like! Korean, Chinese and Japanese! I enjoyed the fresh sashimi too! It was a good thing that they had a wide selection to suit our specific cravings.

After enjoying our plates of sushi, it was time to choose our fresh seafood and meat for both the hot pot and the grilling plate. Trying to be efficient, Paul offered to take care of choosing the ingredients for the grill while I went straight to the veggies and meat for our hot pot. Of course, I made sure to get lots of seafood balls, beef balls, taro, sweet corn and fresh scallops! Paul, on the other hand, requested for two plates of bbq meat, mushrooms and chicken barbeque sticks.

We were ready to cook as we carried our heavy plates back to the table. Complete with a bowl of butter, we were ready to whip up a feast!

Everyone was busy cooking and talking! The guys, in particular, really impressed us with their hidden talents as they took over the shabu shabu pot and the grill pans while us, girlfriends and wives happily ate and ate and ate. Looks like we had a lot of budding Iron Chefs tonight.

In contrast to the other Tong Yang branches, this one promises to have a smoke-less grill that eliminates the smell of food with its built-in exhaust machine. We were all having fun that our dinner ended till closing time.

Looks like we will be back again in Christmas 2010. By then Tong Yang should be ready to welcome 4 kids (1 little tot and 3 newborn babies), 2 newly married couples and once again, a big happy group of friends that will continue to cook and eat our hearts out!

Tong Yang's Bottomless Shabu Shabu and Grill is priced at P585 (dinners, weekends and holidays) and includes a wide-array of appetizers, desserts and drinks!

Tong Yang is located along Jupiter street, Makati City.

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