Great Noodles at Goodles!

I am a pasta fan and I guess thousands of you out there echoes this sentiment too. Pasta has always been equated to being a comfort dish that is enjoyed by anyone -- old and young alike. While there is that neighborhood Italian eateriess that boasts of their al dente pasta dishes, more and more fast food chains are also joining the pasta craze by coming out with their signature noodle dishes as well.

Enter Goodles.

Shar Tan, Goodles' hardworking and super talented owner

A new player in the pasta industry that aims to be the first to sell gourmet pasta dishes in a more casual environment. For instance, an order of pasta is served in a cup which is perfect when you're on the go or you would like to bring this inside the movie house. Despite having its pasta dishes prepared fast, one can still enjoy the same al dente noodles combined with its flavorful sauce or top quality ingredients for nothing more than P180!

Goodles is barely a month old and I have been visiting this kiosk three times already. On my first visit with the entire Yummy team, we were treated to a spread of all 10 pasta dishes where we each found our own favorites.

Being a pasta fan, I didn't just had one but three favorite dishes just from this first visit:

My main order was the Grape Carbonara (Php. 165) which gives a unique and fruit twist to the well-loved pasta carbonara. Using conchiglie pasta, it is cooked in a creamy sauce that's mixed with bacon and mushroom. The grand finale were the generous slices of green grapes that made the pasta sweet and fun to eat.

While digging in the pasta cups of my colleagues, I also liked the Goodles Classic (Php. 125) which is your no-frills, light and healthy pasta option. Those who are counting calories will love this dish that has freshly marinated tomatoes over spaghetti noodles and topped with basil and my personal favorite, white cheese.

Lastly, while we were busy passing our cups around, I suddenly caught a whiff of a very aromatic scent. Something that has a spicy hint to it yet combined with some meaty flavor. This was the Moroccan Beef (Php. 145) which has a chunky beef sauce simmered using Goodles' secret spices and tossed into a generous amount of linguine noodles. This pasta dish somehow reminds me of my favorite mexican enchilada as its topped with cheese, cream and chives.

bloggers at Goodles

Today, Goodles treated a couple of bloggers to try its wide array of pasta dishes. Needless to say, we feasted on more pasta options such as the Chicken Vodka, the Garlic Shrimp and Chorizo as well as my sister's favorite, the Salsa Rossa Shrimp. it was surely a fun pasta party and we hope that soon Goodles will have more branches (particularly those near our homes and offices).

Visit Goodles at the 4th level of Robinsons Galleria near Movieworld.

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