Women who Lunch at the Chelsea Market and Cafe

In this day and age, it is more common to meet up for dinner given our busy work schedule. Somehow, this also gives having a relaxing lunch out a different and special meaning since it's something that everyone looks forward to and truly treasure when given the opportunity to have one.

Such is the case one fine Saturday noon when my sister and I found ourselves with no specific plans for the day. Waking up early, we agreed to go out for lunch with mommy to just bond for the day.

It's about time for our regular mother-daughters bonding session! While Pan and I have been really tired and stressed out from work, Mommy's stress level probably triples that of ours combined since she takes care not only of our family but that of her own team at work as well. In fact, I still owe her a massage session this coming holiday break.

salmon tartare

Our lunch date was set at Chelsea Market and Cafe, I had such a wonderful experience here on all three occasions that I dined here while preparing for a previous Yummy event. I crave for the salmon appetizer, the spinach pot pie and their refreshing fruit shakes! I think this is a perfect venue to dine and unwind with my mom and sister.

We arrived just in time for lunch, the restaurant was packed and servers were all busy attending to everyone's needs. It felt like a country-side diner where the air is still relaxed but everyone is just busy chatting and eating at the same time.

We were ushered to our seats by the cake display and my mom was already eye-ing a couple of cakes that she would like to try for dessert. I told them to save some space as I, myself, would like a slice of Chelsea's Cookie Dough Cheesecake!

As we go through the menu, we were served with a tray of warm foccacia bread with roasted garlic as spread. This is actually one of the things I look forward to every time I visit Chelsea. I love spreading the soft, buttery garlic on my slice of warm bread. Every bite brings a warm, cozy feeling which makes it a perfect way to start my meal.

Our Slow Lunch Menu

We finally made our choices and we ordered quite a spread!

First was our appetizer of Salmon Tartare (Php. 450), I enjoy the contrast of cold fresh salmon garnished with Arugula leaves and sweet cherry tomatoes. I love the tortilla chips too which made this starter a fun dish to eat!

Following our starter, we got the Pea and Mushroom Ravioli soup (Php. 280). I was never a fan of green peas but this soup I really like. I love the aromatic smell of truffles and the tender but juicy bite of the mushroom ravioli. The pea soup added more texture which just made every sip heavenly. One order is actually good for two that you may request your server to split it for you.

I remembered that while planning for a certain Yummy event a couple of months back, B, my editor, requested if we can have the Spinach Pot Pie with Apricot Jam (Php. 395) as part of our line up. I was intrigued by this and at the same time I'm also excited to try this as I'm pretty sure this is must be really special for her to like it so much.

True enough, one bite of this cheesy pot pie and it stole my heart as well. Imagine a mixture of creamy spinach and cheese covered with crunchy puff pastry and baked to perfection. Make sure that in every slice, do add some apricot jam to give it that sweet-salty taste.

We're a family who loves pasta! We enjoy creating different pasta dishes using the wide array of noodles available. Of course, we couldn't pass up the chance to try Chelsea's Lamb Bolognese (Php. 575). This is tomato-based pasta will surely delight the senses of all lamb lovers out there. I enjoyed the sweet meaty smell of the lamb that was obviously cooked properly, the pasta was al dente as expected and the sauce was just right perfectly coating the meat and noodles without turning it into a soggy dish. While Mommy felt that the cheese was a bit too overpowering, Pan and I on the other hand, just cut the white cheese into smaller cubes to be able to have a tiny piece in every bite.

Finally, the star of our lunch -- the Duck Confit Risotto (Php. 575). Our choice came down to either a salmon dish or the duck confit. Since the three of us have been in a seafood diet for quite a while, we felt that it's time to add some meat into our diet and we got the duck for lunch instead.

I'm so glad we did as this was surely a delicious dish! The duck was crunchy and tender, the risotto so creamy and the veggies that came with it was so yummy! This really capped off our lunch and we're all so happy that we ordered this.

With our stomach bursting, we sadly had to skip dessert this time. This was a special lunch and with all the delicious food and wonderful conversation, I surely can't wait for our next monther-daughters bonding session!

Chelsea Market and Cafe is located at the Ground Level of Serendra Piazza, McKinley Parkway, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Call them at 909-7011.

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