Great and Honest Service goes a long way!

Allow me to share with you an inspiring story about rendering an honest service to restaurant patrons.

Last night, Paul and I took some time out to have dinner at the newly renovated Everything at Steak in P. Guevarra, San Juan. It was our usual mid-week date where we unwind and just spend more quality time together. Over a plate of buffalo wings, a 1/3 pound burger for him and a hearty rib eye steak for me, we talked about our day and finalized our schedule for the holiday season.

At some point, I handed him an envelope that has a small amount of cash from our business and his camera's memory card. We were both engrossed with our conversation that after paying the bill, we immediately stood up and left.

Little did we noticed that Paul accidentally left both the envelope and the memory card on the table and he only remembered about it two hours after. We went back to the restaurant but unfortunately, it was already closed. We went home with heavy hearts and while he was worried about the envelope of money, my mind was starting to fill up with paranoid thoughts of what could happen to that memory stick which is filled with lots of photos.

We tried to console ourselves and stayed optimistic the entire evening. We prayed to St. Jude to ask for help. Needless to say, we felt so helpless and we both wanted to kick ourselves for: me, giving him these valuable items in public and him, for not keeping the items in his pocket right away.

Early today, I made a call to the restaurant and crossed my fingers for good luck. My first try and I dialed the wrong number. Oh dear... I tried again, moving a couple of numbers around and finally a girl from Everything at Steak answered. I introduced myself and told her that we were one of their customers last night. I didn't waste any minute and immediately asked her if they found an envelope and memory card on our table. She gave a reply which surely sounded like she did and my heart gave a big leap. She told me to hold on for a minute for her to verify. She came back on the phone shortly and confirmed that they have our envelope and memory card with them. YAHOOOOO!!!

I thank her profusely and told her that Paul will be going to the restaurant to get it right away.

After putting down the phone, I realized that God is really good and so are the people at Everything at Steak. To be really honest, we were not counting on having the cash back anymore. To leave cash on the table is a huge temptation enough, what more leave the entire envelope there. I told myself that we have to be contented if we can still get the memory card back but to have both return as it was safely kept by the kind servers of Everything at Steak, I was totally impressed and grateful for their honesty.

I salute the gracious servers and management of Everything at Steak. To have good food is one thing but to maintain a good and honest service will definitely keep your customers loyal for a long long time.

Thank you for being our angels and we will forever be grateful for your honesty and kindness.

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