Tasting Malaysia and Singapore at Banana Leaf

It's no secret that Paul and I have truly fell in love with Singapore. The clean environment, honest system and good food... there is no doubt that a lot of people echos our sentiments as they frequently visit this beautiful country.

While we just got back from a recent trip and we have to stay in town as we prepare for our BIG day this does not mean that we have to deprive ourselves from enjoying a plate of Hainanese Chicken Rice or a basket of freshly baked Roti Canai and wait for our next trip.

One Saturday evening, we satisfied our craving at Banana Leaf Asian Cafe were we feasted not only on our Singaporean favorites but also on a couple of Malaysian must-tries that got us really excited for our upcoming trip to Kuala Lumpur next year.

First off was Paul's favorite -- the Roti Canai with Curry Sauce (Php. 78 + Php. 30). One order comes with one big roti that is good for sharing. The best way to enjoy this is to tear the roti with your hands and dip it into the bowl of curry sauce. Yum! We normally do not get to finish the sauce and would also spread a spoonful over our rice to make it extra flavorful.

Of course, we just had to get the Hainanese Chicken Rice set (Php. 198) that comes complete with soup and Hainanese rice. I love the ginger oil while Paul, the adventurous one would dip his chicken meat on the chili and soy sauce. Compared to the authentic version, Banana Leaf's rice still lacks in flavor. It's a good thing we had the curry sauce and the garlic oil to add spice up our rice.

We both love seafood and that evening, we got the Fried Tilapia with Malaysian Cream Sauce (Php. 238). It was pretty good but I would highly recommend that more than two should share this dish as the cream can easily be filling. For those who are not fond of cream-based dishes, you might want to get the Tilapia with Assam Sambal Sauce instead.

Lastly, we got the Stir Fried Malaysian Noble Leaf (Php. 188) which has been my favorite since Banana Leaf first opened in the Philippines. I love the garlic bits that was mixed with the crunchy noble leaves. This is actually a perfect and healthy dish to get when you would like a light solo lunch at Banana Leaf.

While we still have 7 months to go before our next trip, at least we will always have Banana Leaf to go to whenever another Singaporean/Malaysian craving arises.

Banana Leaf Asian Cafe is located at Robinsons Place Midtown, Podium, Greenbelt 3, and the Powerplant Mall.

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