By this time, we most probably have already attended half a dozen Christmas dinners and have officially thrown our diet out of the window. Dining out is always fun to do! This is a perfect opportunity for us to try out the different delicious dishes out there and of course, this is the time for us to unwind and bond with our loved ones.

One thing that keeps us from enjoying such gastronomic feast is ALLERGY. The type that will leave your itching and scratching with ugly red blotches simply by just taking in a food that is not received well by your body.

According to Wikipedia, the most common food allergies are shellfish, peanuts, fish, and eggs. One's allergy can range from mild itching to shortness of breath or even death. This is definitely one thing that we all should give importance too particularly when preparing a meal for your guests.

DELeting the Allergy!

With more and more people having different types of skin allergies, home care brands such as Del Hypoallergenic Fabric Softener made sure that their product is safe for both kids and adults. Its skin-friendly formula has a mild scent and does not contain any artificial colorants which leaves the skin safe from allergies.

To make your Christmas a happy, allergy-free one, we're giving away THREE limited edition DEL Hypoallergenic Kit!

The rules are simple..
1) Leave a comment and tell me your never-fail hypoallergenic food tip. Taking soy milk instead of the regular kind to prevent milk allergies.

2) Include your name and email address so I can immediately inform you as soon as we have chosen the three lucky readers!

3) Enjoy!!! :)

This contest will run from December 23 - December 31, 2009!

Happy Holidays everyone!!

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