I Enjoyed My Century Bangus Fillet at Tagaytay

Christmas is fast approaching and as more and more people head out to the malls, Paul and I took one Saturday off and drove up to Tagaytay for a short R&R.

Tagaytay has been our favorite place and it was actually our first out-of-town destination when we started dating six years ago. Yep! Needless to say, Tagaytay holds a special place in our hearts and not a single year has passed without us visiting this lovely destination down south.

We love Tagaytay for so many things...

... the cold weather

... its proximity to home (it's near yet far enough to allow us to take a break from our crazy city life)

and best of all,

... the FOOD (from Sonya's to Bawaii's to Buon Giorno's, every trip to Tagaytay brings us to a new food discovery that we happily add to our list of favorites)

We drove up to Tagaytay with no definite plan in mind, however we went prepared. Armed with a pack of crackers, a bottle of water, a pack of chips and two cans of Century Gourmet Bangus Fillet; we found a nice area overlooking the Taal Volcano and began our mini picnic right there and then.

Over work stories and plans for our Big Day, we munch on our salty crackers that's topped with a slice of delicious Century Gourmet Bangus Fillet. Paul liked the Spanish-style Bangus while I prefer the one with Taosi. It's a good thing we both have one can of each so we both had a wonderful time.

Whoever created this Gourmet Bangus is truly a culinary genius! As with all canned goods, no cooking is required. It can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere and it can also be eaten alone or in our case, together with some salty crackers or potato chips.

Our picnic was truly relaxing as we talked, ate, laugh and later on, watched the sun set behind the Taal Volcano.

As night began to fall and the temparature is quickly dropping, we packed our things, threw away our empty cans and cleaned up the area, hand in hand we headed towards the car as we begin our drive home.

I'm so thankful for simple happy afternoons such as this that's spent with someone I truly love.

Combined with a great company and delicious comfort snack, what more can I ask for? :)

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