Dusit Thani Manila : Feels like Heaven on Earth

December 26, 2009 (Makati City, Philippines) --

Today is our 74th monthsary! I guess for most couples, they have stopped counting monthsaries the moment they turned a year old together. Not for us though, we continue to celebrate every single month as a couple. I guess we just love to find every possible reason to celebrate and be merry!

Feeling my need to relax and get pampered, Paul surprised me with an overnight stay at the lovely Dusit Thani Manila.

Located right at the heart of busy Makati City, I was amazed at the beautiful interiors that reminded me of our recent trip to Bangkok. With its golden walls and intricate details, I felt myself getting more and more excited as I walk around the lobby knowing that I will finally have that much-awaited relaxing weekend that I've been looking forward to.

Warm Hellos, Genuine Smiles

From the moment we entered the basement parking and were greeted with a joyous hello from the parking attendant followed by the warm welcome that we got from the lobby guard and lastly as we briskly checked-in and were assisted by the front desk officer, we felt the warmth from every single hotel crew that we have encountered with and we were impressed with their kindness and the wonderful service that they have extended to us.

Believe it or not, this was just the start of our Dusit Thani Manila experience.

A room fit for a King (or a Queen)

Upon reaching the 15th floor, we followed the wooden signages and immediately found our room. Before putting the key card into the slot, I paused for a while because I can actually hear music playing inside the room. I looked at Paul and gave him an alarmed look. Are we at the right room?, I asked. He took one more look at the card provided to us and gave me a nod. With one deep breath, I entered the card into the door slot and it quickly opened.

Carefully, we walked inside and found no one but an open TV with my name on it.

I was speechless...

In my many years of traveling, it was actually the first time that I have seen such thing. A very customized service, indeed.

Taking one quick glance around the room, I truly loved what I saw.

First of all, a HUGE bed. Nothing relaxes me more than sleeping in a very cozy bed with comfy pillows and a big blanket to keep me warm.

Secondly, a clean bathroom where I can spend some me-time at the bath tub filled with warm water and some bubbly soap.

Third, a well-stocked bar with all my favorite munchies and packs of coffee and tea to perk me up in the morning.

Lastly, a good office table with available Internet connection (Php. 650/24 hours use) for me to update this blog even when I'm away from home.

I was already ready to take a nap when Paul suggested that we take a leisure stroll around the hotel to check out its amenities. I obliged and within minutes we were back at the lobby working our way up.

Devarana Spa : Relaxation at its finest

I remember back when we were planning our Bangkok vacation, friends would always recommend for us to include getting an authentic Thai massage as part of our itinerary. Unfortunately, we were pressed for time that we sadly had to skip the massage and spend most of our time at the mall. Since then, I promised that I will try an authentic Thai massage someday.

As the elevator opened at the Third Floor, we walked out and saw a well-lit entrance that led us to something so magical. This was the Devarana Spa. Dusit Thani Manila's very own spa center.

How can you not fall in love with something this beautiful?

I was immediately drawn inside. With the relaxing sound of water as it gently flows down from the wall to the comfy-looking couches where customers can sit on while waiting for their treatments to begin. The entire place was just so calm and peaceful perfect for one's weary body and soul.

Work it Out!

From the spa, we moved on to the gym called DFiT Fitness Center. Oh, how I missed working out! Looking at the polished stationary bikes and heavy-duty treadmills, how I wish I brought a pair of rubber shoes with me!

I love how well-equip the gym was which is actually perfect for anyone residing or working in Makati to just pop in after work for a quick run to burn off all those calories.

Outside, the kids are squealing with delight as they jump in and out of the pool. Dusit Thani Manila's pools are surrounded with beautifully manicured plants. They have two kinds of pools that caters to both the adults and of course to the young ones. Nothing beats a dip at the pool on a warm Saturday afternoon.

The weather was perfect as we silently watch the kids play. Everything was just so calm and relaxing that I'm thanking Him for giving us this opportunity to unwind. Little by little, I can feel my eyelids getting heavy. My chinita eyes can barely keep itself wide open that I asked Paul if we can head back to the room for me to take a quick nap.

Hand in hand, we headed back up to the 15th floor where I dozed off to la-la-land.

Late Night at the Lobby

I guess my nap time extended till 7 in the evening. Just in time for dinner, it's a good thing that Dusit Thani Manila is strategically located right beside the Ayala Center and SM Makati where there sure are a lot of shopping and dining choices! Furthermore, there are a lot of other exciting restaurants within the city.

After a hearty dinner with friends at Tong Yang along Jupiter street, we headed back to the hotel and decided to just hang out at the lobby.

We ordered a glass of wine each and listened to the soothing voice of the lady performer who flawlessly rendered a mix of holiday and romantic songs that evening.

Over our glasses of wine, we talked and bonded. I repeatedly thank my sweet fiance for the wonderful surprise and even teased him that he should have done this way back. It was truly a wonderful day and there's still tomorrow to look forward to.

I'm closing this entry with a huge smile on my face as I recount the day's happening. This truly felt like heaven on earth as I was finally able to relax and revive myself for the coming year.

Now, wouldn't this be a perfect reason to celebrate?

Dusit Thani Manila is located at the Ayala Center corner EDSA in Makati City. Call 8673333 for reservations.

photo credit: Paul Ang

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