It's so Fluffy!!! I love Despicable Me

I just had two major goals for the long week...first was to get a full body massage with my sister which we did last Saturday at The Spa and second was to watch Despicable Me.

I saw the trailer but initially it didn't appealed to me thinking it will be all about villains and lots of fighting in animation involved. It wasn't until my sister showed me the trailer once again when I fell in love with the cute little girl who went gaga over a stuffed unicorn.

We agreed to watch it last Sunday and initially I was hesitant to buy the ticket as the 3D version in Greenhills was priced at P320. I want to watch the movie but to pay three times more than the average ticket cost..I paused a bit and even considered backing out. Finally after 5 minutes worth of non-stop prodding from my sister, there we were in front of the movie counter buying three 3D tickets to watch Despicable Me.

This ticket came with a bag of popcorn and your choice of drink. Honestly, I hope they would make another option for those who do not want the popcorn and drink and price it lower. I wouldn't mind paying a little more than P200 for a 3D movie minus the frills after all I am not a popcorn fan and I can bring my own water bottle in. Yes, I can really be stingy at time. :)

Was the movie worth the P320 ticket?

Let's just say that it has been 3 days since and I still have the Despicable Me fever. I couldn't get over how cute Agnes (the little girl) was and I love her adorable lines such as "It's so fluffy I could dieeee" and "Does this count as annoying *cluck cluck cluck*". These lines may not make any sense but I suggest that you watch the movie to see how this was incorporated into the story.

The story was about two villains going against each other in stealing the moon. After a number of failed attempts to get into Vector's property to get the shrinking gun, Gru (lead character) thought of adopting three girls who regularly sells cookies to Vector to be his accomplices. Of course, the girls were unaware of this.

This movie talks about building a family and despite all the challenges how we should not let go of one another. Gru and the three girls may seem like a weird bunch but you'll see how they have made am impact into the lives of one another.

Despicable Me is still showing in almost all major movie theaters and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Now, to answer the question -- the movie was definitely worth the P320 ticket however I think it can still be enjoyed minus the 3D effects.

Here's the trailer of Despicable Me:

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