Paper Love

Looking back at the past 8 months when Paul and I were busy preparing for our BIG day, I remember that among all things needed for the wedding, I was most excited working on our invitation. I enjoyed the brainstorming session that we had with Soph, our invite maker (and my talented make up artist too), and her sister -- who took care of our layout.

From the type of paper stock to the different accents to make our invitation unique, I enjoyed running my fingers through the different paper types available. I remembered how I squealed in delight upon seeing our final product. Our wedding invitation left me speechless. I really have a long running love affair with paper and I guess this is why I am in the industry where I am right now.

While going around Greenbelt 5 last night before heading to Mr Jones for that much-awaited girls night out with K and B, I chanced upon a cute pink store at the Basement 1 that's called the Invitation House. I entered the store expecting to see shelves filled with invitations for all types of occasions. I was surprised to see a lot more. Aside from ready-to-be-filled-up invites, there also have blank cards, personalized initial invites and a lot more. At the far end of the store, you may also browse through their catalog to have your customized invite made.

In addition to this, they also have adorable mini pads that I think would make a cute addition to my work station. Oh, I fought the urge to buy them all! It reminded me of my very own stationary collection back when I was a kid with designs as cute as these.

They also have large square notepads that I really loved. I liked it so much that I think they'd make wonderful Christmas presents. I got one for myself (can you guess which one?) and I am so excited to jot down my daily things to do in this lovely notepad.

I spent a good 15 minutes going through each rack and I know that I will be back more often as the saleslady told me there will be more products coming in as they just opened recently. Hooray!

This is totally heaven for all paper lovers out there!

Check out the Invitation House at the Basement 1 of Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City.

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