Going Crazy over Krazy Garlik

I can't imagine a world without garlic. No Aglio Olio, no garlic bread, no 40 cloves garlic chicken and a lot more. Perhaps half of the the world's gastronomical masterpiece will become bland without the use of this powerful herb.

Enter Krazy Garlik, the newest go-to place for garlic lovers in the Metro. It's brought to us by the Bistro Group, the same company who owns Italiamnis, Flapjacks and Fish and Co. Barely a month old, you'd be surprise to see the restaurant filled with happy customers even on a weekday. I guess this is a good sign for a new business that is actually just a local concept.

We arrived a little past 12 and there were just two tables available. As the server led us in, I marveled at the cute Alice in Garlic-land mural on the wall. Very whimsical and clever.

To start off our meal, we had Creamy Garlic Fondue (Php. 255) which had a couple of garlic bread slices and a bowl of cheezy, creamy garlic dip. It's light and definitely a perfect starter to your meal.

Next was my personal favorite, the Garlic and Anchovy Affection (Php. 190). I got to give them 1 point for presentation as I thought they look like escargots, and another point for making it really delicious. We were thought to get one spoonful of garlic clove with anchovy and to spread it on our crostini. I love how buttery the garlic was as it glides on to my bread. It.was.delicious.

Another highlight was the Snowflakes Pizza (Php. 385), cheezy melt-in-your-mouth pizza with a generous amount of garlic chips sprinkled on top of the pizza. I love the contrast of biting into a crunchy bit then further sinking my teeth into the soft dough. This is definitely a must-try in Krazy Garlik.

Krazy Garlik is also proud of their Garlicky Crispy Pata (Php. 595). It was very good that I wasn't able to take a photo because the platter was already half empty when I remembered to take a photo of it. Beside the meaty Pork Leg is a whole roasted garlic wherein you are encourage to take a clove and to spread the buttery garlic onto your piece of meat before taking a bite. The meat was very tender and the garlic really made this dish extra special.

I love fried rice and I simply adore the Hara-Kiri (Php. 365). I guess they named it as such because you'd kill to have a taste of this delicious masterpiece. It is a little spicy due to the tiny bits of chili mixed into the rice but I liked it because it tasted like the Japanese Fried Rice prepared teppanyaki style. This one has bits of octopus and shrimps too. Yum!

For dessert, we had the Creme Brulee with Garlic bits. At first, I was pretty hesitant to try this. While Krazy Garlik has successfully controlled the level of garlic-ness in each dish so as not to give you an overpowering garlic breath, I wasn't so sure if I wanted garlic on my dessert...on my favorite dessert at that.

As it arrived on our table, we were each given a teaspoon and with one deep breath, we all made a go for making sure we get a piece of garlic on our first bite. Everyone was quiet, I guess we were all surprised that the garlic actually paired well with the sweet creme brulee. In fact, the texture was very chewy similar to a gummy bear. In other words, it was delicious. We loved it so much we got two more orders for our group of 6 to share.

Adorable Garlic Stuffed Toys!

It was a very filling garlic-themed lunch. I'm glad that the Bistro Group came up with this wonderful concept as Filipinos love garlic and I guess this is one reason why Krazy Garlik was full that day.

Krazy Garlik is located at the 2nd floor of the Greenbelt 5 Mall, Ayala Center, Makati City.

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