I've always called myself Daddy's Little Girl.

This is probably because I grew up thinking that Papa has always been on my side while Mommy would always be there to protect my younger sister. Whenever my sister and I would have petty fights on who gets the best part of the chicken, who should have more TV time and a lot more, our parents would play referee and it was Papa who would give in to my whims while Mommy has remained to be my disciplinarian, which in my eyes as a kid equals to a villain in any fairy tale.

Papa would shower me with every little thing that I asked for. Be it a weekly supply of my favorite chips and cookies, never-ending purchase of my favorite pocket book, a trip to the amusement center and a lot more. For me, Papa was my knight in a shining armor who showered me with so much love every single day.

Back then, Mommy and I never saw each other eye-to-eye. How she limits my fried rice intake made me feel like she was depriving me of my favorite food. How she tells me to go to sleep and to stop watching TV made me see her as a nagger. Oh how I dread her scoldings whenever I go home with low grades or when my piano teacher would complain that I don't seem to be practicing my piece.

Whenever my mom and I would argue, she would always end her piece by saying "someday when you grow up you'll understand why I'm like this." Repeatedly, I would just shrugged this statement off.

What I failed or perhaps refuse to see were the nine whole months worth of bed rest that Mommy underwent just to have me. I was also blinded by the fact that she have spent sleepless nights to take good care of me especially on nights when I would have a tummy ache. Mommy would also shop for the prettiest clothes to make sure my sister and I would look good all the time. She have also worked really hard instead of just staying home to be a housewife just so she and Papa can send us both to the best schools in town.

My mom had big dreams for us. While my dad showered me with the best things in life, Mommy taught us how to enjoy the simpler things in life. Looking back, she would take us out for an afternoon merienda to our neighborhood Goldilocks store to enjoy a bowl of Dinuguan with Puto, a plate of Pansit Malabon and Fresh Lumpia. Oh, how the sight of the friendly looking girl in golden curly locks can bring a smile to our faces. A trip to Goldilocks is not complete without having our favorite flavored popcorn and rainbow bread where Mommy would use to make pinwheel sandwiches.

Mommy would also make a big deal about our birthdays. Waking up extra early to prepare Cha Misua for us. She would wake the celebrant up to be able to serve the first bowl as the birthday celebrant needs to take the first bite. After breakfast, she will make sure to have a birthday cake ready for us to blow our candles out. Back then, Mommy's choice would always be the rectangular Mocha Chiffon Cake from Goldilocks. Together with our stuffed animals, we would blow our growing number of candles out every single year.

On days when we had a long tiring ordeal in school, Mommy would exert her very best to brighten up our day. Whether it would be a plate of our favorite pesto spaghetti, a bowl of ice cream or a slice of Goldilocks Leche Flan, she would make sure that dinner would somehow make up for the bad day that either one of us had at school that day.

Still, I grew up blinded by all of Mommy's effort as I would always remember her constant reminders and nagging.

During my college years, Mommy and I were able to spend more time together as I had a more flexible time schedule by then. Together, we would wait for my class to start or during long breaks, she and Papa would meet up with me for lunch or afternoon coffee. I have grown to be more mature and the frequency of arguments have lessened. Still there was the constant nagging and Mommy would always end her sermon with "I hope someday you'll understand me."

Despite all this, Mommy has started to become my confidante, especially on matters I was too ashamed to tell Papa about -- my love life. She would give me advice on boys and would openly tell me about her thoughts on so and so.

Mommy has never stopped us to pursue our dreams. She allowed us to choose the college course of our choice and stood behind us as we went on to start our own careers in the corporate world. Everyday, during our ride home, Mommy never fails to ask how our day went. Since then, I have grown closer to Mommy and would regularly seek for her advice on big decisions that I have to make. Just the same, Mommy would always be ready with snacks that I can munch on after work. Be it a bag of caramel popcorn or her favorite Goldilocks Choco Slice, she would make sure to keep my tummy happy with any of these sweet merienda treats.

At present, I am now a married woman and I miss Mommy more and more. Sure, we still see each other every day but that 15 minute ride to work and back is just not enough to update her about my life and vice versa. How I look forward to impromptu afternoon bonding session with her in our favorite Goldilocks shop once again sharing a bowl of Dinuguan with a plate of steamed puto.

Once in a while, Mommy would still call me to remind me to take my vitamins and to nag me to eat healthy but now I do not get annoyed anymore. Mommy was right...someday I will understand her and at this moment, I really do. She did all those things because she love me and no matter how often we've argued and fought over the smallest things, her love for me has never faltered or changed.

Which reminds me of all those Goldilocks moments that we've had growing up. Gone are the days of the friendly looking girl with golden curly locks and a more sophisticated logo can now be seen on the facade of every Goldilocks store. Goldilocks, just like us, have changed through the years. Continuously evolving and improving itself to suit the needs of time. Still, just like a mother's love that never goes away, Goldilocks will always be there to serve our favorite childhood favorites. In my case, I can always count on Goldilocks for the best tasting Leche Flan, yummy Dinuguan and more! You're truly the 1, Goldilocks! I love you Mommy!

* This is my official entry to the Nuffnang Philippines - Goldilocks contest

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