To the Man of my Dreams

Back when I was a kid, I always thought and believed that I was somehow a princess living in my own fairy tale. My world back then was filled with happiness that for me, life was simply a bed of sweet-smelling roses. That, I have my dear parents to thank for.

Growing up, obstacles and heartaches were thrown my way but I still continued to keep my head up high as I know I will be able to surpass them all and deep inside my heart I know that someday...someday my prince will come.

Then you came along like my knight in a shining armor, silent yet sincere you stood by me and never left my side. Through the good times and bad you lent me your shoulders to cry on while wrapping me in your arms to give me the comfort that I needed. You were like the son that my parents' never had and the older brother that my sister has been hoping to have. In other words, you were the missing piece to my small and loving family.

My life has been more colorful for the past 7 years. It is because of you that I now believe that true love does exist.

Happy birthday Paul!!
I Love You!!!


  1. Happy birthday, Paul! :) Fran and Paul, you two are so blessed to have each other!

  2. Wow, this is sweet! You guys are fortunate to have found each other. Hope he had a great one! ;3

    PS Coincidentally, my boyfriend Andy shares the same birthday as your husband Paul. Hehehehe. X3

  3. thank you ligaya!! :) belated happy bday to andy too! :)

  4. thanks frances!! :) so happy to finally see vito yesterday!!

  5. This was a sweet post. How long have you guys been together po? :)

  6. hi Lianne!

    we've been together for 8 years already ♥


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