A Lovely Package Awaits: My Hair Story

If there's one piece of vanity bone that I may have in my body, I would say it would be paying extra attention to my hair. As a child, my mom would take us to, what I believe is one of the best salons in town, to have our regular haircut. There I enjoy every minute as I love the scent of their shampoo and the relaxing feeling that I get whenever my hair stylist would carefully scrub, wash and rinse my hair. Later on, we would leave it to her to trim my long black hair into something she feels a grade schooler should sport. Something manageable yet attractive, my mom would request.

As I grow up, I learned to become more experimental with my hair. Dyeing it into different shades of brown and sometimes even bordering to red. I attempted to even curl my hair but got tired of if in the long run. Later on, together with my sister, we had our first ever hair relax treatment which really saved us from taking frequent trips to the salon to iron our hair during semi-formal occasions.

I enjoy buying different hair accessories from pins to hair bands to scrunchies. During trips, we would protect our hair from the harmful rays of the sun by wearing a hat. Of course, given the great amount of effort and care we give to our hair, my sister and I have been pretty choosy with our choice of shampoo and conditioner. We've had our share of hits and misses -- some giving us itchy scalps, red spots, sticky hair and worst dandruff. Our mom, who totally shares our passion for keeping our hair in tiptop condition, continues to search for the best shampoo that would suit our needs.

Around two years ago, we found the ONE. After having our hair relax treatment, we tried the Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo partnered with the Creamsilk Standout Straight Conditioner. We both love the shiny pink bottle and tube and the lovely scent it gives. It was a good thing we did not have to shell out a lot for expensive bottles of shampoo that our stylist has been persistently convincing us to buy. Both Sunsilk and Creamsilk did wonders for our hair.

Imagine how happy the entire family was when we received a package filled with the complete line-up of the newest Sunsilk and Creamsilk variants. Designed by world renown hair stylists, I am excited to try the different shampoo types and maybe there's actually something there that suits my hair even more. I'm glad though that my favorite pink Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable was part of this package.

Of course, sending a set of shampoo is not enough and we also got the complete line of Creamsilk conditioner as well. I was surprised to see that they actually have a conditioner suited for scalps with dandruff and one for hair fall. I am interested to try the Damage Repair shampoo and conditioner as I need to protect my hair which has been subjected to regular coloring and blow-drying.

Thank you to Sunsilk and Creamsilk for the lovely package! 

* photos by Paul Ang

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