What's up YO?!

After enjoying our filling dinner at the newest branch of Charlie's here in San Juan, I sweetly asked Paul if we can hop over to the next store for dessert. I have heard quite a buzz about this new yogurt place from blogger friends and fellow club members Rowena, Richard and Carlos and I've been itching to try it since July.

I am a big fan of frozen yogurt and I find joy in trying all of the brands that has been sprouting like mushrooms since last 2008. At the moment, I love Red Mango and Yoh-gurt Froz for their yogurt that's not too sweet yet not too tart either. I've tried a number of self-service yogurt places as well but none has made me go back after my first visit.

Enter Yoggle, a hip-looking yogurt place along Ortigas Avenue in San Juan. It offers a total of 8 different flavor ranging from the Plain Tart to Sweet Vanilla. The charging is P20 per ounce. While this might be pretty tricky as you get a big cup at one end of the store and you make your way towards the yogurt machines and then towards the counter where you fill your cup with toppings and syrups.

I was just aiming to get at most 5 ounce worth of yogurt at I will be consuming this on my own. Trying to estimate how much 5 ounce of yogurt is, I carefully controlled the lever as I fill my cup with Sweet Vanilla flavored yogurt. I moved on towards the toppings counter where I added a spoonful or two of almonds, corn flakes and marshmallows. Lastly, I added swirls of chocolate sundae syrup as the finale to my cup of yogurt.

Finally, the weigh-in of my customized yogurt. I handed my cup over to the server and she placed this on top of the scale. Guess what, my cup just weighs 4.22oz (Php. 84.36)!! That's with all the toppings that I've poured in!

I felt like a happy camper as I happily dig into my cup while enjoying the medley of the chocolate syrup with my vanilla yogurt. The yogurt has the perfect consistency and I'm glad that I went for something sweet that evening. I was also very happy with my choice of toppings which made me feel like eating a cup of Chocolate Sundae with lesser calories.

This may not be a very healthy combination but truly a perfect way to cap our delicious dinner date. I'm glad to have found another potential yogurt place that's located very near home.

Yoggle is located at the Ground Floor, Ronac Art Center, Ortigas Avenue corner Santolan, San Juan City. Call them at 359-2473.

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