Deli Discovery : Poco Deli

There's a certain comfort that I truly enjoy when entering a deli. The little pots of bottled spreads, the freezer-case filled with sausages and cold cuts and for some a selection of quality wines and sparkling champagnes, all these complete my deli visit. I love the fact that the deli lacks the chaoticness of a supermarket, it has a very European feel that it truly a pleasant change in ones hectic life.

Wanting to spend some quality time with my mom, we chanced upon a cozy looking deli in Barangay Kapitolyo in Pasig City. Poco Deli is just a stone's throw away from my office making it very accessible for us to drop by after work. My mom loves looking at cold cuts and frozen meats, this is her weakness, I guess. She can't help it but buy a pack or two to bring home. I, on the other hand, began scanning through their menu. I was feeling a bit hungry that I decided to order some Aglio Olio Pasta (Php. 145).

As we took our seats, our eyes wandered around the store as my mom focused her attention on, this time, the wall filled with bottles of wine, while I surveyed the other group who was enjoying some assorted cheese platter with a glass of wine for each.

After 10 minutes,  my pasta arrived piping hot and with the strong scent of garlic making my mouth water even more. The noodles were al dente however I would have preferred for it to be thicker. They used the angel's hair type that I wasn't so fond of actually. However, I am a fan of garlic and I love how fragrant and flavorful this pasta dish was. We also noticed that the serving was pretty big that even after my mom and I had our fill, we even have a little less than half left which was later enjoyed by my sister at home.

Aside from pasta, Poco Deli also has homemade pizza, cheese platters and a couple of sandwiches too

As my mom continued to spy on the frozen meats and sausages, I saw a bag of cassava chips (Php 100) being sold. I bought a bag to bring home for Paul who loves munching on chips as much as I do.

Poco Deli also carries Dave's Frozen Yogurt which is great news as I do not have to wait for Saturday at the Salcedo Market to enjoy a cup of fruity yogurt. This was a perfect choice for a mother-daughter quick bonding as the ambiance is quiet and very relaxed allowing us to forget all of our worries and spend some quality time together.

I'm glad that more and more food spots are opening in this part of town. There's Charlie's Burger, Cafe Juanita, Uncle Moe's, Poco Deli and more!  This time, we do not have to travel far for good food.

P.s. Paul and I tried the Cassava Chips and it was very good! Will definitely go back for more.

Poco Deli is located at 21 East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Call them at 664-0519.

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