Hear ye, hear ye! Jean & Rosz Winners are here!

September is always a fun month here at Frannywanny.com simply because this blog is turning a year older again!

I can't believe it has been 3 years since I first wrote about my Angel's Kitchen experience and the rest continues to follow. From then on, I've visited more than 200 restaurants here and abroad, launched more than a dozen contests and met a number of great friends and readers. For this, I am very very thankful. :)

To share my blessings and happiness to everyone, I am pleased to announce the winners of the recently concluded blog contest featuring the up and coming fashion bloggers Jean and Rosz! We ran a contest for 3 whole weeks asking my dear readers this simple question:

"Who's your favorite fashion icon and is there a particular fashion trend that you love?"

We got a lot of amazing answers and I left the judging to Jean and Rosz who carefully went over each entry before finally choosing the winners! Congratulations to the following girls:

1) Winner of the Nylon Necklace is : torque15
Fave fashion icon - Sandra Bullock! She's my fave HW actress too! I think she takes laid-back to another level! Her laid-back fashion exudes a girl-next-door aura but still speaks composed elegance - be it in movies, on the red carpet, running errands, in an interview.. And her perfect accessory - a sparkling smile which is contagious! She's such a darling. Go Sandy!

Fave fashion trend - lovely neckpieces :) Love to flaunt the decolletage/neckline and show off the sexy neck curves. I feel beautiful and sensuous when I have a necklace on, it seems the world is at your beck and call, with one subtle arching of your head :)

2) Winner of the Double Wing Necklace is : d a e a r
Avril Lavigne rocks! I like her young grungy style and I too love to experiment with make-up with a dash of emo/gothic style.

Love chunky bangles! They heighten my usual get-up, which isn't much for a teen on a budget :) Loved reading your post about those!

3) Winner of the Earrings is : Lauren
My favorite fashion trend has to be knee-high socks! They can make a simple top-and-shorts ensemble look more interesting, plus they do a great job of keeping your legs warm when it's cold and rainy.

4) Winner of the Neutrogena Ultrasheer Waterlight is : czaroma
Classic and timeless, Audrey Hepburn and Daphne Osena-Paez, are my favorite fashion icons. Their styles breathe confidence, poise, sophistication and natural grace.

I go for the comfy smart-fashion look where I can mix-and-match pieces of clothing. I particularly enjoy those flat shoes, fashionable belts and oversized sunnies. I also love those tutu skirt fashion for my daughter :)

5) Winner of the Neutrogena Ultrasheer Sunblock is : Michelle
I don't have one icon or trend that I follow since I dress based on my mood and occasion. I love the styles of:
Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O., Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba.
They sum up what I like which is clean, classic, feminine yet slightly funky and casual.

Congratulations to the winners! Kindly expect an email from me within the day on how to claim your prizes. :)

Thank you to Jean and Rosz for helping me run this contest!

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