Hello, ASL? : My Internet Story

Life before 1998, the phrase “Hello, ASL please” meant nothing to me. I didn’t even know that ASL was a conversation starter. Then the Internet took the Philippines by storm, we find every household owning at least one modem connected to their personal computer that’s linked to a phone line.

We began with a dial-up connection that had very limited access that we even had to list down our usage to make sure we won’t go beyond the allotted hours. Back then; all we did was to create an email account, surf via Yahoo.com and to log on to mIRC where we met online friends here and abroad. Thus, we learned that ASL actually stands for Age, Sex and Location -- the first three things you ask someone in a chat room.

When our dial-up connection would frequently become intermittent, we would buy a handful of prepaid cards from our neighborhood convenient store to make sure that we can still connect to the Internet especially when our homework would call for some research. Little did we know that with our regular dial-up and the back up prepaid cards that we would buy has become more costly for us.

Life with the Internet has never been the same again. Since then we’ve tried so many types of Internet connection, from getting an unlimited dial-up access to give us more surfing time to a lot more options that came our way back then. However I remember my mom would regularly complain that whenever we use the Internet all night long, no one could call through or call out anymore. This was the drawback of having a dial-up connection because you can’t use the phone line anymore.

From the Unlimited Dial-up connection, we tried a wireless broadband. It was good at first but later connection would easily be disrupted whenever it would rain hard in our area. It can, after all, be frustrating to carry your laptop all around searching for the right spot with the strongest signal. Once again, we were disappointed and off we went searching for another, and hopefully, a better Internet connection.

Then my mom came across PLDT myDSL. Upon learning how this works, she was immediately drawn towards this option as it gives us a chance to use the phone even when the Internet is on. You see, they split the line for you giving you dual access to your phone line. Talk about being able to maximize your telephone usage!

By the time we signed up with PLDT myDSL, it was also the time when Youtube was born and in came a number of social networking sites. My sister enjoys the fast connection that allows her to catch up with her favorite US series online while I get to chat with my friends online without any slow down. It’s a good thing mom chose the high speed plan of PLDT myDSL ensuring us for speedy internet access anytime. I also love it that I can upload photos to this blog in a snap!

A couple of days ago, I came across this funny and interesting ad of PLDT that has a very catchy tune. It’s a very short ad yet it basically sums up everything that you can do in the Internet and more. There’s watching the Cebu Inmates over at Youtube, interacting with friends in social networking sites, laughing as the Two Chinese Boys entertain you with their antics and building your nationalistic pride as you update yourselves on the fight schedules of the People’s Champ, Manny Pacquaio.

So far we are all very satisfied with our PLDT myDSL connection as it is directly plugged into our phone socket ensuring fast and reliable Internet connection. Not even the strongest rain and winds can stop our Internet from providing really good service. No more lugging the laptop around looking for a good signal as everywhere in the house gets a connection through our router where our DSL connection is attached.

It has been more than 10 years since I have fell in love with the power of the internet and I am glad that my mom chose PLDT myDSL to give us the best internet service possible. Truly, my mom knows best!

Here’s sharing with you the entertaining PLDT myDSL TVC. Enjoy!!!

* this is a sponsored post by PLDT and Nuffnang Philippines


  1. funny youtube. hahahaha!

  2. Hi Fran! You're lucky that your PLDT connection works for you. Our family has been on PLDT's internet connection since they came out with dial-up back in the mid-1990s (we even won the chance to meet Anggun at a concert at the Hard Rock Cafe right before their TV5 Monde partnership dissolved and TV5 Monde was forced off the air by stupid censors), and from the dial-up days to the present for some reason their signal has been very buggy especially when it rains. :S Also, they've become so lax in informing us about better internet connection options and even about promos. If we didn't ask, we wouldn't have known that we could paid less for even better DSL connection than the one we started with in the year 2000. :S

  3. oh my.... i hope our friends from PLDT will be able to read this and they will be able to make up for the lax announcement and intermittent signal that you have been experiencing. to think you have been a very loyal subscriber

  4. Hi Ligaya,

    We have forwarded your comment to our friends in PLDT will try to find out the cause of the weak signal.

    you can email me your account details at joemsegovia@yahoo.com- 09178005707


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