Chicken chicken at Peri Peri Chicken!

While planning for our trip to Kuala Lumpur months ago, I got a comment for a reader to try Nando's Peri Peri Chicken. Unfortunately, due to time constraint, we were not able to go with the recommendation but this got me craving for peri-peri chicken the moment we got back from our honeymoon trip.

Thanks to our ever supportive friends, we scheduled a dinner at Peri-Peri Grillhouse at the Greenhills Promenade one Sunday evening. We arrived a little past 7 and the place was already packed. I love the cheerful greeting that you'd get the moment you walk into the restaurant.

Who doesn't love chicken?

While people would have a wide range of food restrictions due to religion, dietary requirement or allergies, rarely have I encountered anyone who is not allowed to eat chicken. Thus, this has been a common choice when dining out in groups. Peri-peri Grillhouse has been around for a while already and they have even undergone one major renovation thus the big change in their menu too. I noticed that the line up has expanded and there are more interesting items that made it difficult for us to make a decision.

Finally, we went for the Chicken Combo 2 (Php. 330) that is inclusive of half a Peri-peri chicken and two sidings. Peri-peri is actually a Portuguese marinade mixed into the chicken meat prior to cooking that's made of chili oil, salt and a bit of lime (for some). This is actually a very popular Portuguese dish and I look forward to trying the real thing in Macau or Portugal someday. We had a pick of any of their sidings, Paul got the tortilla wraps while I had a saucer of creamed spinach. I loved the creamed spinach which went well with the tender chicken meat. Paul also enjoyed wrapping the chicken meat into the tortilla wrapper and he would add a spread of their gravy and their signature sauce.

On the table, there were huge stickers promoting their new dish called the Chicken Espetada (Php. 198). This we also saw in the posters of Nando's in Kuala Lumpur. It looks very much like the Brazilian churrasco or a Chicken kebab hanging on top of the plate. This one is served with their special Peri-peri rice, vegetables and a white creamy sauce. I love the sauce and I even used this for my Peri-peri combo chicken. The rice was very fragrant and we liked the chicken chunks which were perfectly grilled to tenderness. Just like your typical skewer, the chicken alternates with a slice of bell pepper and onion.

The mood was very festive being conducive to dinner with friends as the interiors reminds me of the Mardi Gras (which, is not very Portuguese at all hehe). Despite having a lot of customers, we didn't have a hard time calling for assistance whenever the need arises.

The price may be a bit high but we didn't mind paying for good chicken. Will definitely be back to enjoy more peri-peri in the future.

Peri-peri Grillhouse is located at The Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City.

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