Tweet Tweet Twitter!!

For years I have been very active in Plurk even putting my account on "vacation" when I go out of the country just so my karma won't drastically go down. There, I've gotten to know new friends and have strengthened my friendships with some.


During my recent trip to the US, I realized that people there are crazy about Twitter. With their advance technology via mobile people are busy checking their Facebook accounts, checking in on Foursquare and Twitting every chance they get. Almost all of the people that I've met has either a smart phone or an iPhone and they're all on data plan. Amazing huh?!

How I wish we can be as technologically-savvy here. I know eventually we'll get there. Well, here's a start.. while I am not abandoning my Plurk account but I am joining the crowd as I enter the world of Twitter. It has been less than 24 hours since I've revived my dormant account and I've connected with fellow bloggers and friends. It's a fun Twitting world out there!

See you there!!!

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