Retail Finds: Golla Laptop Bag

If there would be anything in this world that I can't live without I'd obviously say it would be my laptop.

For years, I've grown dependent on my home computer where I would spend hours blogging, surfing the net, creating trip itineraries, typing compositions for school and a lot more. In fact, my work is very computer dependent too where I would have to regularly check my mail in Microsoft Outlook and since the digital age has made work more efficient and paper-less, majority of our correspondence are done via email and reports sent using the programs of Microsoft Office.

At home, my nightly routine is that I would open my handy-dandy laptop the moment I get home from work to write an entry in this blog. This had, in fact, became part of my packing list on my recent trip to the US. It's what Paul and I used to chat with my family and to update ourselves with what's happening in Manila while we're away.
I believe that behind an efficient laptop should be a comfy-carrying bag. 
One thing that I do not like though is having to lug around my laptop using a not-very-functional-laptop-bag that we got upon purchase of this laptop. It's this bulky black bag that says nothing about being fashionable nor does it help lighten the load off your shoulders. No padding, no extra cushion, it was simply just a bag that fits our laptop.


Right now, our slim handy laptop has a new home.Thanks to the guys behind Golla who sent us this pretty floral red bag, we can proudly carry our laptop around with ease.


I love it that our laptop snugly fits into its compartment and there are a lot more pockets for me to slide in some magazines, my notebook and a lot more! It's very pretty in red too!

Contest Alert!

You too can have your own Golla gadget bag!! :) Three winners will be chosen to win their very own Golla bag!

Here how:
1) Take a photo of you and your favorite gadget. Explain why it's your favorite by emailing your entry to

2) The photo should have a 1024x768 resolution and should not exceed 1MB. It can be modified or edited and may contain text but should not have offensive content.

3) Golla Philippines will upload your contest entry in their Official Facebook Page.

4) Upon seeing your entry in their page, tag 50 of your friend to your entry. Ask your friends to like and comment on your entry.

5) Criteria for winning:
70% based on number of likes
30% quality of entry

6) Contest duration: March 15, 2011 - April 15, 2011 12noon

7) Winners will be notified through email.

Good luck!! :)

photos by: Paul Ang

Golla Bags are available at The Travel Club, Globe Telecom, Bratpack, Fullybooked, iStudio, Hello Telecom, Power Mac, Island Souvenir, A shop and Fashion Rack.

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