Buon Giorno at the Rockwell Business Center in Ortigas

My family has been a long time loyal patron of Buon Giorno Tagaytay. Every trip to Tagaytay would not be complete without two things: a meal at Josephine's and lunch at Buon Giorno. Yes, that's how loyal my family can get. For as long as we love the food and we find the price reasonable, expect us to be back regularly. After lunch at Buon Giorno my parents love to spend more time around the area as we enjoy the cool breeze and the beautiful sight of the Taal Volcano.

Once in a while, my mom would crave for something Italian and to her dismay not a single Italian restaurant here in Manila could satisfy her craving as much as Buon Giorno could. Her request is simple: fresh ingredients, balanced flavor, top quality meat. Our favorite is the Smoked Salmon with Mango Dill Sauce and their Risotto. We were so happy when Buon Giorno opened their first branch in Metro Manila along Shaw Boulevard. Sadly though, the ambiance there just doesn't match with that of their Tagaytay branch and we only were able to visit it twice before it closed down.

I'm glad Buon Giorno didn't give up, they re-opened again this time inside the Rockwell Business Center in Ortigas (beside Medical City) which is quite near for us. Mom was so happy when I told her the news and we're already planning to visit them soon...

...well, I went ahead and visited Buon Giorno's new branch upon receiving an invite last week. Sorry Mommy, hungry tummy couldn't wait! :)

buon giorno

Buon Giorno prepared a feast! We started off with a bowl of Zuppa di zucca arrosto (Php. 140) otherwise known as Pumpkin soup. I'm such a fan of pumpkin soup despite my mom telling me its loaded with calories. Turning a blind eye just this once I happily slurped my creamy pumpkin soup which had sesame seeds and croutons. Yum!

buon giorno

We also had Canneloni Spinaci (Php. 294) which I liked very much. The filling had a good amount of spinach and cream and the canneloni sheet had a good bite to it. It has been a frustration of mine that most cannelonis had thick, hard and dry sheets so I'm glad that Buon Giorno was able to perfect this. Will definitely get this on my future visits.

buon giorno

I also had a little serving of the Pescatore alla Puttanesca (Php. 308) not really a big fan of tomato-based pasta and I also had to stay out from clams and mussels but the pasta was al-dente and the entire dish was really loaded with seafood, seafood and more seafood! Paul seemed to enjoy this one a lot!

buon giorno

Fellow blogger, Abet, couldn't stop raving about the Polle E Funghi (Php. 302) and I can totally understand why. We love Buon Giorno for their delicious risotto and this one is not an exemption. You can really taste the chicken infused into the rice and not just used as a topping. I love the bits of mushroom included in this dish as well. Hope they'd add a dash of truffle oil and I'd be in risotto heaven. :)

buon giorno

Let me introduce you to the star of the show: Beef Wagyu with Shiitake Mushroom Gravy. To this day, I dream about the delicious tender beef served to us that evening. Everything about it was perfect -- the cut, the way it was prepared, the sauce and the siding (mashed potato). I'm not really sure if you have to order this in advance as I don't remember seeing this in their regular menu. Nonetheless, this is worth ordering and make sure to get a huge piece of beef to enjoy.

buon giorno

No, we don't stop there. Of course, to cap off our meal, dessert is a must. Our group of four consisting of Jane U., Abet, Paul and yours truly shared on a plate of Molten Chocolate Cake (Php. 168). They actually served a lot of desserts that evening but I zeroed in on this delicious cake as I love molten chocolate with a scoop of ice cream on top. Molto Delizioso!!

I can't wait for our upcoming family trip to Tagaytay where we'll sure be heading to Buon Giorno for lunch. Why lunch? It's because my family prefers the ambiance of The Cliffhouse during daytime where we also have the luxury to stroll around without having to rush back to the hotel to rest.

Now, we know where to head to whenever Mommy's Italian craving comes again. :)

*photo credits: Paul Ang

Head over to Buon Giorno Caffe & Bistro at the Rockwell Business Center in Ortigas.

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