Umami Burger in Los Angeles, California

While planning for our trip to the US, Paul and I did not expect that we are about to embark on a journey to Burger Land! Everywhere you go, you'll surely encounter a burger stand or a restaurant serving the meatiest, biggest burger ever seen!

From the famous In-n-Out, which I will talk about more in detail in my next entries, to the gourmet ones such as Umami Burger where my dear friend Karla brought us for dinner one chilly evening, we had a great time having a taste of all-pure beef with the freshest veggies and soft burger buns.

Back in Manila, I'm not really a big burger fan as I prefer the non-meat choices such as Burger King's BK Big Fish or McDonald's Fillet o Fish sandwich however, since I am in Burger Land I have to try these burgers and see why the locals love them so much.

As mentioned above, it was a very chilly evening where the temparature was at 8 degrees celcius. We buttoned up, pulled down our hats and shivered our way towards Umami Burger along Hollywood Boulevard where we were greeted by Karla and her fiance Mike who were already in line waiting for our table. Despite the cold weather, there was actually a long line outside the restaurant. This got me really excited as their burgers must be really good for people to brave the chilly air as they patiently stand underneath the gas warmers while waiting for their tables to be ready.

umami burger by paul ang

Soon, we were led to our tables and were handed long paper menus for us to make our choice. Paul and I zeroed in on the Umami Burger ($10) which was their signature burger. We wanted to share on one burger but Karla insisted that we get one each. We gave in to our host and I'm glad we took her advice. I enjoyed my Umami Burger as it has a huge piece of burger patty with thin parmesan crisp and veggies.

Umami is the fifth primary taste together with sweet, sour, salty and spicy. When translated directly from its Japanese term it means "delicious taste". Others would describe umami as savory and for me, when you say umami its that flavor that goes well with all other primary tastes. It's like when I eat truffles that I say it's umami. Eating this burger was truly satisfying I love the play of flavors in every bite.

truffle fries umami burger by paul ang

To go with our burger, we got a bowl of Truffle Fries to share. Now, this is what I call TRUFFLES. In every bite I can feel the delicious flavor of truffles that I love so much! Each fry is coated with melted cheese and truffles, no ketchup needed here.

No wonder there was a line outside, with burger and fries these good I wouldn't mind lining up in the cold weather too. I'm glad Karla and Mike introduced us to Umami Burger :) This is one burger place that you have to visit on your next trip to California.

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Umami Burger is located at 4655 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90027. They also have 4 branches around Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Ventura Boulevard.

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