Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ in California

Our trip was quite short..a bit too short that we barely had enough time to visit other cities outside of LA.

Still, we had a blast!

Within the span of 14 days, Paul and I fell in love with one particular restaurant that made us go back twice. It was that good that the server even recognized us and thought we were locals.

lucille's smokehouse bbq

Let me tell you about Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ which, I believe, has one of the best ribs in this part of the world. I guess I've mentioned quite often how much Paul and I love eating ribs. We enjoy chomping down on a full rack of ribs, clearing out the meat till the bone ends up shiny and clean. Yep, we're carnivores that way. While others would go for huge tender perfectly grilled steaks, we'd choose ribs any day. We love sinking our teeth into the tender meat that falls off the bone in an instant. What more, the juicy barbecue sauce that covers it and the delicious sidings that come with it never fails to make our day complete.

One evening after enjoying a full day at Knott's Berry Farm, Paul's aunt and cousin J decided to take us to Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ for dinner. We arrived at 6PM hoping to have an early dinner to be able to catch a movie afterwards. We were surprised to see a huge crowd filling up both inside and outside the restaurant with customers waiting for their tables. J immediately made a reservation and was given a pager that will inform us if our table is ready.

Turnover was quite fast still we waited for 30 minutes. By the time we were ushered to our table, the number of people waiting in line for their turn continues to grow. Amazing!

I guess waiting in line has built up our appetites that Auntie J decided to get the Backyard Family Feast ($84.99). This is a full meal comprising of two half slab of ribs, half a grilled chicken and four sidings.

lucille's smokehouse bbq

While waiting for our meal to arrive, we were given a basket of Homemade Biscuits with Apple Butter Spread. I love this very much as I enjoyed the sweet buttery taste of the spread complementing the salty biscuit. I had to stop myself from getting more than one biscuit as I have to be ready for the feast ahead.

lucille's smokehouse bbq

Our orders arrived shortly and it quickly filled up our table. Our cousin J ordered two types of ribs : Baby Back Ribs and St. Louis. I personally liked the St. Louis for its salty-smokey flavor. It also has more meat too in contrast to the sweet juicy baby back ribs. I love how tender the meat was that we didn't have to struggle with our utensils. The guys decided to just used their hands to be able to enjoy the ribs even more.

lucille's smokehouse bbq

For the sidings, I love the Mac and Cheese. It was so good that I was seriously dreaming about it days after. I love the gooey cheesy sauce that perfectly covers each macaroni. Oh, how I wish I can have more of than Mac and Cheese anytime I want.

lucille's smokehouse bbq

The fries was thin and crisp just the way we like it. Notice that the serving was HUGE? Just like most dishes that we've had in California, it's delicious and huge. Definitely not very good for our waistlines.

lucille's smokehouse bbq

The mashed potato was creamy and made from real potatoes. Notice the potato skins in their mashed potatoes? That's how most restaurants are in California, they do away with batters and pre-mixes. Their kitchen staff all patiently prepare each dish from scratch and I guess this contributes a lot to the superb quality that we get in every dish.

I was just too busy with my Mac and Cheese to notice the mashed potato that was also parked in front of me. I'm sure my sister, who's a huge potato fan, would love this.

lucille's smokehouse bbq

The coleslaw was very refreshing. I alternate this with my Mac and Cheese. I love how they just use the right amount of mayonnaise into this salad without leaving it dry or overly creamy.

And we returned...

Our first visit was truly memorable that Paul and I found ourselves craving for more ribs just two days after that.

So off to Lucille's we went for lunch one day and luckily there was no more waiting needed as we arrived past lunch hour and there was an available table for us.

lucille's smokehouse bbq

We didn't have to scan the menu this time and we just ordered a full rack of St. Louis Spareribs ($23.99) right away. This comes with two sidings of our choice. Of course, I just had to have more Mac and Cheese and Paul got more fries.

Once again, we began our meal with a basket of warm biscuits followed by our main dish : the delicious St. Louis Spareribs. Each piece was delicious and tender just the same way it was during our first visit.

As we ended our meal, Paul and I found out the two (not-so) secrets of Lucille's.

First: the Sauce

lucille's smokehouse bbq

Everyone seems to be crazy about their sauce. I love the Original BBQ Sauce while others would go for the Hot and Spicy. While their ribs are perfectly coated in their secret marinade, dip each piece into their sauce for a more satisfying experience.

Second: the Do-Rite Smokin' Machine

lucille's smokehouse bbq

On our way out, I saw one Lucille's staff ready to grill more chicken into their Smokin' Machine. It looks like a truck surrounded by protective plastic shields. Lucille's is serious about their meat and so each piece takes time inside this smokin' machine to be able to achieve their tender, delicious state.

No wonder locals would flock all the way to Lucille's. To just enjoy a plate of their ribs, chicken and mac and cheese is enough reason for one to brave the cold weather and head to Lucille's to enjoy a delicious meal.

Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ is located at Del Amo Fashion Center, 21420 Hawthorne Blvd. Torrance, CA 9050. They also have 14 other branches around California, Arizona and Nevada.

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