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It's no secret that Paul and I love to travel. At the same time, we have been blessed with wonderful opportunities that have enabled us to travel at least once per quarter since we got married. It all began with our two weeks trip to Singapore and Malaysia for our honeymoon followed by a quick visit to the happiest place in Asia a.k.a. Hong Kong Disneyland and just recently, we went out of Asia and explored the west as we traveled to California, USA.

As we travel, we make sure that safety is always on our side. We pray, we plan and we pack well in order to ensure that we keep our valuables close and away from the wandering eyes of snatchers. Nothing can destroy a trip more than losing your passport, money and clothes. Not only will it waste you time but it will surely take the fun away from what was supposed to be a memorable traveling experience.

As we were preparing for our recent 2-week long vacation, we made sure that we were equipped with the right bags and luggage to make our trip stress-free and safe.

That was when we came across Pacsafe. I remember that my sister has been raving about her Pacsafe waistband during our trip to Bangkok a few years ago. It has a slash-proof band and certain safety features that has enabled her to store her money and passport safely.


Paul stopping over at Narita Airport with his Venturesafe Day Pack

Paul will definitely be bringing his camera and for the past trips, he would just use his camera bag which was very bulky and eye-catching. With the name NIKON stitched in front and the size that resembles that of an ice candy box, it easily becomes a target for camera snatchers. We don't want that to happen and so Paul brought along with him an orange Venturesafe Day Pack that doubles as a camera back and a backpack for him to store more items in.

He commented that despite lugging around his heavy camera, two lenses and a tripod, the lightweight material of the bag made it easy for him to carry his gears all day long. It's good that the bag has Pacsafe's signature eXomesh slashguards in all vulnerable areas and slash-proof straps as well.


Whenever we go to a restaurant and it would be difficult for Paul to keep the bag close to his body, he would anchor his bag to the foot of the chair before hiding it under the table for extra safety measures. Of course, we always still have to stay alert for any weird behaviors around us but having the bag safety tucked under the table and locked to the chair gives us that extra peace of mind that we need while enjoying our meal.


As we go on with our trip, we continue to discover more amazing features found in Paul's Venturesafe Day Pack. For instance, they made use of a tamper-proof zipper that will makes it hard for snatcher to break it open with the use of a sharp object. It is also a very roomy bag filled with hidden compartments and padded pockets for him to store his expensive gears. We also found out that the bag has a padded back support which makes it easier for him to carry it even for hours or even the entire day.

It's an amazing bag and we're glad we brought it along with us for this trip.


In addition to his Venturesafe Day Pack, Paul also traded in his Nikon camera strap with the Carrysafe Camera Strap. Every time we travel, I would hear him complain how heavy his camera is causing his neck to hurt as well. Since the generic Nikon strap does not have additional padding to support the weight of the camera, we're glad that Pacsafe's camera strap has just the right features to address his needs. For one thing, it has a non-slip padded strap that stays perfectly in place the entire day. Of course, it's slash-proof too and it has a very tiny branding which doesn't draw attention from camera thieves.

travel tote

Lastly, I also had to give up my trusty travel messenger bag and try the Toursafe Travel Tote. Since this trip is part-work, part-leisure, I know I can't show up looking like an all out tourist in my business meetings. I had to get something light, casual yet pretty enough to match my business attire.

pacsafe kodak theatre

Me in front of the Kodak Theatre with my Toursafe Travel Tote

The Toursafe Travel Tote was the best choice. Initially I wanted a darker color but I later realized that my Taupe colored handbag worked perfectly with any of my attire during the trip. Despite its size, it was surprisingly very light. No neck pain, no shoulder aches, I happily carried all of our valuables and essential items in my bag without feeling the extra weight. Since I also brought my phones and iPod Touch with me, I love the multiple pockets found inside the bag where I can safely tuck each gadget in. It also has Pacsafe's signature eXomesh slashguards at the based of the bag where it can easily be slashed open.

While waiting in the airport, I also locked my bag to the chair while I was busy with my laptop. I still kept the bag close to me but the extra safety move of anchoring it into the airport chair makes it harder for anyone to just pick it up and go.


Truly, we were so happy with our Pacsafe bags as it have made our trip more safe and hassle-free. Here we are again, planning for another trip and our Pacsafe bags will definitely part of our packing list.

*note:  thank you Irish for our bags!! :) We love love love them!

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