Onboard Delta Airlines (Los Angeles - Narita - Manila)

We're finally back! With just a few more blog entries left, I will be concluding our amazing US trip which was filled with a lot of delicious finds and fun sights. I love to travel but I honestly dread the long-haul flights. I am a very restless person and to make me sit still for four hours straight is torture already which is why I have to fill my bag with chips and magazines to keep me busy all throughout the flight.

Flight attendant: "Maam, this is a 12-hour flight"
Frannywanny: What???? (panic mode)

This was the first thing the flight attendant told me as I boarded the plane. All the while I thought it would just be a 9-hour flight like before but due to the law of gravity and the force of the wind, this will be a longer flight. Boy, oh boy! I am not ready for a 12-hour flight! I'm glad though Paul filled our hand carry with snacks but I think I'll just try to catch as much sleep as I can to prepare myself for Manila time again.

Just like my first flight via Delta Airline, I am excited for the food! My flight to the US was pleasant with a very attentive flight attendant and the food was just delicious. I hope I'll be just as lucky on this flight.

Flight #1: LAX to Narita, Japan

I read the menu and I was excited with the first entry -- Shrimp cocktail. Wow! This is Paul's favorite! We had a choice between the Sliced Beef with Rice or the Chicken Breast with Potatoes. Paul got the beef with rice which was very fragrant while I went for the chicken breast which was surprisingly tender and the potato has the same texture of a polenta.

I love the shrimp cocktail! The three plump shrimps were served chilled and fresh with delicious cocktail sauce. If only I can bring more packets home, I would. :)

delta airplane food

Shrimp cocktail
Seasonal green salad with cheddar cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes
Chicken breast with thyme demi-glaze dressing, carrots and spinach
Bread and butter
Chocolate chip blondie

delta airplane food

Somewhere in-between our flight, we were given an Ice Cream Sandwich each. Yay! Delicious vanilla ice cream in between two chocolate wafers. Yum! I would have enjoyed my ice cream even more if only my cup of water didn't spill on my jeans. Thanks to the passengers seated on front of us who were being "uzi" and were half kneeling on their seats causing my food tray to shake. Boo!

I tried to catch some sleep for a couple of hours as it was around midnight already LA time. Before we landed in Narita, we were given a simple snack to munch on. The choices were: Hoisin Vegetable Wrap or Breakfast Sandwich with Egg, Swiss Cheese and Tomato with Seasonal fresh fruit.

delta airplane food

My initial choice was the egg sandwich but by the time the flight attendant reached my seat, he was out of sandwich and even after asking him to ask his companions for more, he was simply forcing us to take the wrap.

The wrap...was disgusting.

I couldn't make out any of the veggies included inside nor could I determine if it tasted like hoisin sauce or some other sweet, weird tasting filling. I just took two bites and threw my snack away. I just content myself with the tiny cup of fresh fruits that came with it. I wonder if the egg sandwich was any good. Hmmm...

Service during this flight wasn't as good as our previous flight. The flight attendant was not as accommodating and I even had to walk to their service area to get a glass of water. I guess I expected too much after enjoying my first flight from Manila to LAX. I hate to think that it has something to do with discrimination given that we were flying west the last time so service and the food must be better rather than flying back to Asia. I hope not...

Flight #2: Narita, Japan to Manila

Our first flight got delayed due to the snow and rain in Japan. Thus, we immediately had to transfer from one plane to another as our final 5-hour flight home was ready for boarding. Entering the plane, I noticed that majority of the flight attendants are Asians and Filipinos. With that, I'm pretty sure we'll get better service this time. :)

delta airplane food

We only had one meal as this trip was pretty short. It was dinner again for us and I had Chicken with Pasta. I love this meal! The pasta noodles were al dente and the chicken was tender and flavorful. The tomato sauce on top was yummy! As usual, I skipped dessert as Paul told me it was very sweet and creamy. I'm glad this was our final in-flight meal and it was good! Totally made up for the disgusting veggie wrap earlier.

Service was better this time too. Our female flight attendant would regularly ask us if we need more water. They were also very patient with our requests.

We have earned enough points for a trip to another country soon. I guess this is one thing that will encourage us to fly Delta but I guess I have to earn and save more to be able to afford taking Business Class. Food and service is way much better there. :)

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