Denny's Restaurant in California, USA

Whenever we travel, I look forward to waking up early in order to have a good breakfast.

Wanting to just relax and to live the local life, we decided to skip flying to Las Vegas for another exciting yet exhausting day and to just stay in the city to shop, eat and walk around. Our lazy day began with brunch at Denny's Restaurant, a diner that has a lot of branches around the US and even in some neighboring countries as well.


It's good that they have a number of value meals starting at $2. We began with a plate of Buttermilk Pancakes ($2) as I was determined to enjoy a plate of all-American pancakes in this trip. However, I was a bit disappointed that Denny's pancakes were not as fluffy as I was expecting it to be. We shared a piece of pancake eat and covered it with creamy butter and syrup. I still love our pancakes back home.

Denny's Restaurant

We also had Country Fried Steak and Eggs ($9.99) which is a huge platter filled with meat, meat and more meat! Here's what we got: two sausages, two crunchy bacon, lots of scrambled eggs, hashed brown, biscuits and deep fried beef steak with creamy gravy. This one was very delicious! We love the crunchy bacon and the hashed brown was yummy too. The country fried steak made the $9 price tag worth it as we enjoyed the tender beef steak perfectly coated and deep-fried just the way we like it.

I love the diner feel at Denny's and the service rendered was superb. We even had the manager visiting our table asking how everything was. Now, this is one restaurant you can visit at any given time of the day as they're open 24/7. A diner perfect for your all-day craving!

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Denny's Restaurants has more than 1,500 branches in the USA. Click here to locate a store near you.


  1. I am finding it funny you went to all these chain/fast food places while you were in the US-most people here view those kinds of places as non-quality food but somewhere to go to for fast service and big helpings for less $$

  2. Well jhimmel1, we don't have Denny's in Manila so anything new is exciting. However, I'll give you credit cuz my husband said the same thing about Denny's. It may not be gourmet five star but it's not that bad. I even think its way plus points better than I-Hop. Franny, when you get back to the US, try I-Hop for comparison

  3. thanks @tough nut! ill make sure to visit IHOP when I visit the US again


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