Allies Wonder Nuts heading to Mercato Centrale!

Are you nuts about Allies Greaseless Nuts?!

Well, here's some good news! You can now easily get your can of Allies Nuts every Saturday starting March 26 at the Mercato Centrale!


This is located at the corner of 8th and 34th street beside MC Home Depot and Starbucks Coffee Drive-Thru store.

We'll also be selling more delicious food items that you'll surely enjoy!


Watch out for that big nutty banner at the Mercato Centrale! See you there!!

*note: we wish to thank Ro, Abet, Jane U and Trixie for helping us spread the word!!!


  1. Weeeeeee i'm getting it na tomorrow!!! I'll drop by midnight mercato! :D

  2. trixxxxx sa morning mercato kami!! buy nalang either sa YKK or when we meet

  3. Will be going there this Sunday! :) Excited!


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