In-N-Out Burger in California, USA

As Paul and I enjoyed our trip around California a.k.a. Burger Land, of course, we didn't pass up the chance to try one of their famous fast food burger chains -- In-N-Out Burger.


I couldn't believe my eyes as I would see a line of cars outside the restaurant and a line of people inside at any given time of the day. We would pass by the nearest In-N-Out Burger in the morning and there's already a line of cars waiting at the drive-thru counter and when we head back home at night, the line just gets longer and longer. I asked my cousin-in-law J about it and he told me that that's actually a daily scenario at In-N-Out! Wow! Business is really good for them!


Their menu is simple, you get to choose among three types of burgers: Hamburger, Cheeseburger and the famous Double-Double burger. Add some fries or maybe a milkshake basically that's how simple their menu line up is. Yet, people just wants their burgers fresh, fast and delicious. No frills, no add-ons and this continues to make In-N-Out Burger successful for more than 60 years.

We had In-N-Out Burger for lunch where J dared us to try the Double-Double Burger Meal ($5.95). Just as it was named double-double, this humongous burger comes with two beef patties, two slices of cheese and the works! The meal also consists of a mountain-full of fries and tall-size drink. For a regular diner, this may be a pretty manageable size but for us, it's a GIANT meal!


Peeking into their small yet very functional kitchen, we found out that everything at In-N-Out Burgers are freshly made. From the burger patties down to the fries, they would chop, peel, fry and assemble on a daily basis. It really gives more value to your money knowing you're getting good quality, freshly cooked burgers all the time.

The Burger Deal

in-n-out burger

So we went back home ready to chomp into our giant burgers, I attempted to take a bite but had to stop midway as the burger was too big for my mouth. Once again, after massaging my muscles, I took a big bite and I let my teeth sink into the tender and juicy burger patty, the crisp veggies and the soft burger bun. Yum!

No wonder the locals are crazy about In-N-Out Burger! It's a really meaty piece of burger. Simple yet delicious just the way a burger should be.

We just had so much fries enough to feed the entire household! I love how thin each slice is that it comes out crunchy after frying. J told us that they actually have a version where they add a creamy sauce on top which is also very delicious. We'll definitely try that next time.

So far, we have been enjoying the different burgers that we've tried in California. From the classy Umami Burger to the no-frills In-N-Out Burger, each burger gives us that meaty satisfaction giving us more reason to go back for more.

Trivia: Even our President loves In-N-Out Burgers!

Click here to find out where you can find the nearest In-N-Out Burger outlet that you can visit!


  1. Hello

    Good Day, The information here is very useful.I'm looking forward to read more of your post.


  2. fran, did you try the animal fries? my favorite! never pa ata ako nag-in-n-out na hindi nag-order nun =)
    ahh, you made me miss so-cal.

  3. It's my favorite burger in the world, hehehe! How I wish they could bring a franchise here.

  4. The burger looks yummy, Franny! The colors in your first picture are like the one of McDonald's :D

  5. @kathy: thanks so much for visiting! hope to see you here more often :)

    @maan: nakuu i found out about the animal fries after my visit na next time

    @divine: i agree! sana it will come to manila!

    @glenn: you're right i had the same thought when i first saw it :)

  6. In-n-Out has simple no-nonsense menus. That's me and my husband's favorite burger place. Fresh ingredients, great beef, gooey cheese, plus you have a choice on whether to top it off with onions or not. I won't be surprised if they find its way in Manila. Glad you liked them!

  7. @tough nut: agree!! i wish In-n-Out would come to Manila!


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