Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California

Little has been said about Knott's Berry Farm. This is probably the reason why I also went with basically no clear idea on what to expect and instead just decided to just keep an open mind and heart about it.

knotts berry farm

Thanks to my dear friend K for providing us the tickets, we headed out to Buena Park one Sunday morning ready to enjoy a full day at our first theme park!

knotts berry farm

From the moment I entered, I knew I'll definitely have a great time, sure I may not be the type who would go for the thrilling rides but as we walked around the park and discover every nook and cranny, I enjoyed the sights, sounds and flavor that we've experienced at Knott's Berry Farm!

Here are FIVE amazing reasons why you'll definitely love Knott's Berry Farm:

#1 The Rides

Brace yourself for a number of thrilling rides that you'll ever find in this part of America.

knotts berry farm

Scream with all your might as you get propelled up to the sky and pulled down and up again. Enjoy the view while you're at the top too!

knotts berry farm

Get tumbled upside down as a giant surfboard takes you on a crazy Aloha ride.

knotts berry farm

Go through the scary loops on a number of roller coasters found in the park.

knotts berry farm

Ready to turn not only around and around but upside down as the La Revolucion will definitely take your guts on a revolt.

knotts berry farm

Get wet and wild as you go down the crazy stream. You might get soaked but don't worry they have family dryers around the park.

#2 The Sights

For those who would rather just leisurely walk around the park, there are a lot of wonderful sights that will definitely grab your attention. Be ready with your camera as you can play and pose to your heart's content.

knotts berry farm

Watch artistic stall owners showcase their woodcraft and paintings. This man, for instance, can paint your name and add intricate and colorful details to each alphabet.

#3 The Peanut Gang

knotts berry farm

Knott's Berry Farm is not complete without the friendly Peanut Gang. Have a photo with the world's most lovable dog -- Snoopy as he can be found in the first section near the entrance called, what else?!, Camp Snoopy!

#4 The Shows

knotts berry farm

Visiting with the kids? Be sure to catch the shows in various parts of the park. Watch the lively musical by the Peanuts Gang where you'll find yourself clapping and singing along with Charlie Brown, Lucy, Sally and more! Kids will also be asked to participate in the show!

knotts berry farm

There are also native dances and performances by local school organizations. It's like GLEE coming to life complete with choreographed movements and dance steps. Catch the latest schedule on the day of your visit.

#5 The Shops

I grew up loving those bottles of fruit jams that my parents would buy from the supermarket. Yes, Knott's Berry Farm makes those delicious jams and preserves that we all love. Before leaving the park, be sure to drop by the Marketplace to grab a bottle or two. I also got boxes of Knott's Berry Cookies for my family to enjoy.

Hungry? There are a LOT (and I really mean a lot) of food stalls in and around the area. From Johnny Rockets to Funnel Cake Kitchen, California's popular hotdog Pink's also has a store outside the park. So, in between rides, we were busy filling our tummies too!

knotts berry farm

It was a wonderful surprise that we enjoyed our visit to Knott's Berry Farm. Sure, we sat out on a number of thrilling rides but we enjoyed the sights, the food, the shows and the over-all experience. It's truly a must-visit theme park especially for families. I wouldn't mind going back perhaps someday when I have my own kid to enjoy the park with. :)

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Knott's Berry Farm is located at 8039 Beach Boulevard, Buena Park, California 90620

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