Stopover : Tatsu at the Narita Airport, Japan

I was just in Japan for four hours for a brief stopover and I've immediately fell in love with the orderliness of their airport system and how delicious their airport food was. Thus, my heart goes out to the thousands of families who lost their homes, loved ones and basically all of their belongings due to the recent earthquake and tsunami last March 11 that destroyed the island particularly in northern Japan -- Sendai.

As I was getting tips from one of my cousins before flying off to the US, one thing that he told me was to try the ramen at the Narita Airport which was located right at the waiting terminal of Delta Airlines. It's fun to know that being a food lover runs in the family and I can totally count on my relatives to give me great tips on what's delicious here and abroad.

tatsu japan sushi

Paul and I took my cousin's advice to heart and we immediately spotted Tatsu which was indeed located where my cousin told us it would be. We fell in line and got a bowl of Tempura Udon and a sushi box to share.

Leah wanted to sit by the comfy couches while enjoying her lunch and we joined her there. I love how innovative the couches where! It doubles as a table and couch at the same time!

tatsu japan

I tried the sushi box first and I love how fresh the Futo Maki was. My mom was right, the rice was indeed de-li-cious! It's amazing how Japanese can stay so slim with their rice being so fragrant and yummy! The beancurd roll was sweet and has just the right bite, we didn't have to tug so hard to tear it apart. Paul loves this as he's a huge fan of beancurd sheets.

tatsu japan tempura udon

Well, a visit to Japan's airport is not complete without having their Tempura Udon. No wonder my cousins are so crazy about their delicious noodles. I was amazed that the tempura and still stay crisp even after being submerged in the soup. The noodle has a firm, perfect bite. I would definitely love to stop over Japan every chance I get just to have their udon and sushi.

I look forward to visiting Japan and enjoying more of their delicious food soon. Till then, I'm glad that I had the chance to have a slight glimpse of what Japan culinary world has to offer.

Tatsu is located at Terminal 1, Central Building, Narita Airport, Tokyo, Japan.

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