Hawaiian Bar-B-Que in Boracay, Philippines

To find out what hot in Boracay, just follow the throngs of crowd outside or around a particular establishment. Take Hawaiian Bar-B-Que for example. During my first trip to Boracay a few years ago, Paul and I attempted to dine there but eventually gave up due to the long waiting time given to us as there were just a lot of people waiting to be given a table too.

hawaiian bbq boracay

As mentioned earlier, Boracay is the perfect place to enjoy seafood, fruit shakes and barbecued meats and Hawaiian Bar-B-Que seems to be the place to go for a slab of juicy ribs and meaty beef. Luckily, on our next visit, we didn't have to wait as we made sure to get there early. Thus, our party of 7 were immediately given a long table inside the restaurant away from the scorching heat.

My sister's friends took care of ordering our meal as some of them have already dined at Hawaiian Barbecue before. We were just happy to sit back and patiently wait for our food to be served. Thank you C, Y, K and R!

Our Meaty Feast!

hawaiian bbq boracay

First on the table was the Original Hawaiian Baby Back Ribs (Php.595). It was highlighted on the menu and it seems like most tables that day had a platter of ribs which tells us that this is indeed a best-seller. The serving could feed a group of 4 and it goes perfectly well with any sidings -- rice, mashed potato or fries. We enjoyed the sweet-salty glaze and the fact that the meat was very tender that it falls off the bone without putting in much effort with our forks.

hawaiian bbq boracay

The Kahlua Pork Belly (Php. 395), on the other hand, was pretty ordinary. For one thing, we did find anything different with it from our regular pork liempo. No taste of the Kahlua however they have maintained the same juicy, tender meat so we somehow forgave them for that. I just didn't like the HUGE strip of fat that came with it but then I reminded myself that this is pork belly thus it's the fattiest part indeed.

hawaiian bbq boracay

Last dish was surprising good -- Sun-Ripened Mango Chicken BBQ (Php. 308). I enjoyed the sweet barbecued chicken with mango atchara-like at the side. We all love mangoes and summer is definitely the best time to enjoy this anywhere in the Philippines where supply is abundant and you'll most likely get a sweet mango. We find this dish a bit pricey given that one order only has three pieces of chicken. The leg didn't even come with the thigh part. Hope they would make the serving bigger to justify the P300+ price tag.

I must have expected a bit too much from Hawaiian Bar-B-Que that the meal somehow fell short from my expectations. Don't get me wrong, the baby back ribs was truly something worth raving about but it's also the kind that you can easily get anywhere else.

While we enjoyed the happy, laid-back vibe of the restaurant, the food is just not the type that will make us go back to Hawaiian Bar-B-Que for again and again.

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Hawaiian Bar-B-Que is located along Station 1 (near the Havaianas store), Boracay Island, Aklan.

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