Taking the Entrepreneurial Path at Mercato Centrale

Here's what's been keeping Paul and I extremely busy these past few weeks...

We finally took the plunge and opened our very own booth at Mercato Centrale!

mercato centrale

It has been a dream of ours to finally have our own business and finally things are starting to fall in place.

It has been a tiring yet truly fulfilling three weeks for us and we would like to thank our dear friends and relatives who has been visiting us to show their support!

Check out who dropped by and made our selling day brighter:

between bites at mercato centrale
blogger Jane of Between Bites visited us and even helped us sell. 
She's a natural! Imagine being able to sell a can in just a span of 5 minutes! yahoo!!

bianx and pao
our dear friends Bianx and Pao made it to Mercato Centrale and brought home cans of peanuts for their families to enjoy! thank you guys!

between bites and chris
Chris joins Jane in helping us sell our products!

lea salonga
Saw Lea Salonga shopping at Mercato Centrale. 
Can you spell S-t-a-r-s-t-r-u-c-k-e-d?

Thank you also to Richard and Irene of Tales from the Tummy for being the first blogger friends who visited us last week!

We'll be at Mercato Centrale, Tent 1 every Saturday and we truly hope to see you there! :)


  1. yay! visit us at Mercato Centrale?

  2. Now I have yet another reason to visit Mercato Centrale. Haha!

    Gosh, Ms. Lea Salonga looks so timeless even when she's in casual getup.

  3. hope to see you thereeeeeeeeee!!


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