Off for the Holidays!

Exactly two months after I bid everyone goodbye for a two-week long vacation, we're off again for a short vacation this time to the land of milk teas, fishball soup and stinky tofu. It will be an amazing food trip for the next few days and boy I can't wait!

beach hut sunblock

Summer is finally here and while my trusty weather app assures me that Taiwan will be slightly colder than Manila, I'm going prepared with bottles of Beach Hut Sunblock to protect my face and body. No way am I exposing myself to the nasty UV rays which might give me skin cancer in the future. No no no way!!!

beach hut sunblock

While I prefer lathering on fragrance-free lotions as my nose is pretty sensitive to excessively strong scents, Beach Hut's floral scent is pretty ok for me. It's not sticky or greasy which is normally what I get with sunblocks with high SPF levels. Beach Hut's newest sunblock has SPF 100 that totally beats our old sunblock by 30 SPF levels. We're ready to walk under the sun as we visit various historical sights and enjoy their street markets too!

sassa swimwear

I'm also packing in my new swimsuit thanks to Sassa! I've always been loyal to a particular swimsuit brand since I was a little girl but I find their designs too plain. It's perfect for serious swimmers who do not mind the usual plain black or blue swimsuit. Sassa's newest designs uses lots of bright colors of paint and abstract painting. It's literally where art and fashion meet. They have a wide line of bikinis, my favorite tankinis, board shorts and even tank tops! I'll be trying it for the first time this trip and I hope it will work just as well as my old favorite brand. :)

So long, dear readers!! Have a meaningful Holy Week ahead and stay safe! ♥

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