Myron's Place at the Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center

I've been a blogger for almost ten years already. While this blog was just created four years ago, I have been busy documenting my everyday college life in my first ever personal blog which unfortunately has been kept hidden to the public eye since was born. For ten years now, blogging has been my best stress reliever. I enjoy jotting down my thoughts and sharing my experiences to the world.

Aside from writing and maintaining my blog, I also enjoy visiting sites of fellow bloggers most especially that of food bloggers. The links you see in my sidebar are some of my favorite blogs which I frequent on a daily basis. Yes, like you I get excited whenever I learn about a new restaurant discovery or a new grocery item that I would also like to try.

I'm thankful that majority of the owners of these blogs that I follow have eventually became really good friends of mine. I always look forward to dining out with them as we get to experience a new restaurant together.

Last night, I excitedly drove to the Powerplant Mall to meet up with two of my favorite food bloggers at Myron's Place. We have been planning this dinner for weeks and finally the day has come when I will finally be able to meet Leslie of Shoot First Eat Later and bond more with Jin of Jin Loves to Eat. I was very excited...very excited about meeting them and the fact that we're having steak!

myron's president steak

From the moment I arrived, we didn't stop talking. Stories were shared back and forth that Leslie had to remind Jin and I to order our food already. I just stared at the menu...I wasn't sure whether to get steak, pasta or seafood. I'm glad that Jin asked me if I wanted to share and suggested that we get the President's Steak (Php. 2,010). Woweee! I happily agreed. I want that huge piece of steak and I ordered a plate of creamed spinach to go with it.

Since Jin wanted medium rare, the restaurant was able to split our steak to half medium rare and half medium well which was my choice.

myron's prawn bisque

To start our meal, Jin and I also shared a bowl of Prawn Bisque (Php 160). Yes, we're very sweet that way. :) I love the garlic toast placed on top of the soup. In fact, I had to stop myself from finishing it all up before taking my first slurp. How I wish they could serve an entire basket of that garlic toast on my next visit, that would make me very happy. The soup was creamy and rich, the prawn flavor was very strong which I enjoyed very much. I'm glad that Jin and I decided to split the soup as we have a huge dish coming up.

myron's president's steak

Then came the star of the table -- Myron's President Steak. It's a huge piece of juicy steak divided in the middle to follow our specific grilling requirements. I love it that they tilted the plate to let all the oil settle at the bottom as we can easily pick out each piece with our fork. One bite and I was totally won over! It was so good that you can actually just have the steak with no sidings. The Himalayan Pink Salt sprinkled on top really gave a good touch.

myron's rice

However, this is a steak fit for the king president so it comes with a bowl of Myron's Rice. Jin and I didn't like the rice so much because it's a bit dry and hard. The steak bits also failed to stand out. Believe me, you can just have the steak without the rice.

myron's creamed spinach

On the other hand, I was very happy with my plate of Creamed Spinach (Php. 120). I love having a veggie platter with my meat as it balances out the richness of the entire meal. The cream was not overpowering and the spinach had a good bite. No wilted greens here. Yay!

leslie - jin - franny

Food bloggers Leslie, Jin and Frannywanny

It was a fun evening bonding with Leslie and Jin. I'm thankful to have amazing blog friends whom I can share the same interest and passion with. Till our next dinner!

p.s. Thank you Leslie for Dinner! It's Jin's turn at Antonio's! Yay! ♥

Myron's Place is located at the Ground Floor of The Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati. Call them at 728-9898.

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